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19 New Flocabulary Videos

What have we been up to this summer? Making videos, that’s what!

We’ve taken Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic American tale, The Scarlet Letter and turned it into song. We’ve animated every single one of our multiplication songs. (That’s right. All of them.) We’ve added to our growing library of Word Up vocabulary videos for all grades, all while continuing The Week in Rap throughout the summer and preparing 20 new math songs to come your way in August.

Yep, we’re busy here at the Flocab HQ. But that’s how we like it. If you’d like to watch all these new videos, sign up for a free two-week trial to Flocabulary.

New Videos


2nd Grade Vocabulary: Just a Rumor
“Did you hear?” Find out what happens when rumors spread, while learning ten 2nd grade vocabulary words. Watch now.




2nd Grade Vocabulary: A Dozen Cousins
Learn ten 2nd grade vocabulary words as the rapper introduces you to his dozen crazy cousins. (Yes, you’ll meet all 12.) Watch now.




3rd Grade Vocabulary: Sticks and Stones
Hear the story of how one person dealt with a bully and learn ten 3rd grade vocabulary words. Watch now.



3rd Grade Vocabulary: Candy
Learn ten 3rd grade vocabulary words and get to know this one girl who likes candy so much that she dreams about it. Watch now.




5th Grade Vocabulary: They Can Never Stop Me
Hear the amazing true story of Ben Underwood and how he didn’t let blindness stop him, while learning ten 5th grade vocabulary words. Watch now.




7th Grade Vocabulary: Battle for the Road
Learn fifteen 7th Grade Vocabulary words, and watch as pedestrians and drivers fight it out for their right to the road. Watch now.



7th Grade Vocabulary: The Party
Learn 15 7th grade vocabulary words, and find out what happens when you invite one person to a party. And they invite a few people. And then those people invite some people…. Watch now.


7th Grade Vocabulary: Scarface
In this video, hear the inspirational story of one person standing up for another and learn fifteen 7th grade vocabulary words. Watch now.




SAT Vocabulary: Transformation
This song teaches 40 words commonly found on the SAT, and will help with the “transformation of bookworms into hip-hop icons.” Watch now. This song is free, and you can also find “Transformation” on YouTube, if you’d like to embed it on your own website.



Multiply 4
The boy and girl in this song love to play games after school. And they especially love playing games with the number 4! Watch now.




Multiply 5 & 10
It’s easy to multiply 5s and 10s. And it will be even easier after you practice in the magical countryside of this video. Watch now.




Multiply 6
Multiplying by six will be no trick after watching this video. And the hook might be stuck in your head for days. Watch now.




Multiply 7
In this video, learn to multiply by 7 and enjoy a flight through the clouds. Watch now.




Multiply 8
Trajik and B are having a competition to determine who is better at multiplying 8s. And they do some sweet skateboarding tricks while they’re at it. Watch now.



Multiply 9
This video introduces a neat trick for multiplying 9s. And the magician who teaches you have to easily multiply 9s has some other tricks up his sleeve, too. Watch now.


Review Multiplying 0-10
This challenge rap video reviews multiplying 0-10…with a little help from some aliens. Watch now.





Divide by 3
Learn to divide by 3 with Trajik and B as they cook and practice division with their ingredients. Watch now.




Middle School Math

Order of Operations
Take a journey with our rhyme-spitting astronaut through outer space as he reviews the order of operations. Watch now.




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