Character Education Videos: Setting Goals

Character education videos: setting goals

We all have dreams about the future. But why is it that we can't always make those dreams come true? Since the future seems far away, we often put off planning for another day. It's important to remember that we have to take many steps to make our dreams a reality. The first step is goal setting. Goals can be short term or long term, but either way, they take determination and dedication to achieve. The following Flocabulary songs center around the importance of goals and dreams. Below the videos, we have questions you can use to encourage a discussion…

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5 Engaging Lesson Ideas For The Holiday Season

5 engaging lesson ideas for the holiday season

It’s almost that magical time of the school year… when candy cane sugar flows through students’ veins and even the best planned lessons are met with distracted, fidgety kids who forgot their pencils (though they did remember their candy canes.) But you can still eke out a few more lessons before the year’s end. Here are… 5 Fun Lesson Ideas for the Holiday Season …Guaranteed to teach even a little something useful to the most crazed student on the most fractured schedule.

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Culture-Building First Day Of School Activities

Culture-Building First Day of School Activities

With a year's worth of standards and lessons ahead of you, it can be tempting to get started with that first book or math concept on Day One. This year, try holding off for a few days. The time you spend building a strong classroom culture in the first few weeks of school will pay returns every day of the year. To help you build a compassionate and invested group of students, we present to you 6 engaging activities that you can use on the first day of school (or first few weeks). Each includes at least one Flocabulary song and…

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Teaching National Novel Writing Month With Flocabulary

Teaching National Novel Writing Month with Flocabulary

Flocabulary has a natural fondness for organizations with funny names. So when we heard about NaNoWriMo we were intrigued. Turns out, NaNoWriMo stands for National Novel Writing Month, and it's an organization that gets people to write an entire novel in the month of November. In 2015, more than 430,000 participants embarked on a November noveling quest, including children writing novels in their schools with NaNoWrimo's Young Writer's Program!

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