What does it mean to be #FlocabCertified?

Flocabulary Certified educators are passionate teachers and administrators who have seen the impact Flocabulary has made on their students. From schools and districts around the country, they love to connect with other educators to share and learn about Flocabulary. And as extended members of our team, they are committed to our mission to increase academic achievement and foster a love of learning in every student.

The program is designed to support and connect educators who know and love Flocabulary. Flocabulary Certified educators are passionate about sharing our resources with other educators, learning new ways to use Flocabulary with impact and working with us to build new and better learning resources.

We aim to partner with all #FlocabCertified educators to facilitate learning and sharing, and through our combined efforts, do no less than transform the learning experience for today’s students.


Blair Mishleau
Director of Personalized Learning, Arizona. 

“Before the program, I already evangelized Flocabulary to anyone who would listen! Having a more formal space to talk (nerd out!) about Flocab and to learn from others is clutch!”

Amy Storer

Amy Storer
Instructional Coach, Texas. 

“This community is more than just an ambassador program. It is a family. What makes Flocabulary stand out is that they truly listen to teachers and students and make changes and adjust with those voices in mind. They are in it for the kids and education! How can you not love being a part of that? I am so proud to be a part of the family!”

Joquetta Johnson

Joquetta Johnson
 Library Media Specialist, Maryland. 

“It allows me to connect with other educators who see the power of hip-hop as a pedagogical tool that has the potential to foster student engagement, motivation and growth.”

About the Program

To become certified in Flocabulary , you must have an active Flocabulary subscription or trial, attend a live or self-paced webinar or training, and demonstrate your understanding of the product. You can learn more in the application linked on the page below.

What You’ll Get:
  • Trainings from the Flocabulary team to ensure you know how to use our resources to their full potential
  • The chance to build relationships with other Flocab Certified educators and our team in a members-only digital community
  • Previews of new content and features
  • Opportunities to share your feedback and help shape Flocabulary’s future
  • Support, resources and opportunities for public speaking and publications on our blog
  • A digital badge for your blog or social media pages
  • Swag and other goodies, of course 😎
What You’ll Do:
  • Present about Flocabulary to other educators (whether at your school, EdCamp or national conference)
  • Participate in at least two training webinars per year
  • Read our monthly emails and join our Facebook group to stay in the loop on Flocab news and updates
  • Participate in product feedback or curriculum development initiatives
  • Help us create great content for other Flocabulary educators by writing a blog post, co-hosting a webinar or leading #NearpodChat, our weekly Twitter chat
Professional Development & Career Growth
Writing & Presenting Opportunities
Exclusive Sneak Peeks & Focus Groups

Apply Now!

Interested in getting #FlocabCertified?

Learn more about the requirements for Flocabulary certification in the application linked here!