Character Education Videos: Setting Goals

Character education videos: setting goals

We all have dreams about the future. But why is it that we can't always make those dreams come true? Since the future seems far away, we often put off planning for another day. It's important to remember that we have to take many steps to make our dreams a reality. The first step is goal setting. Goals can be short term or long term, but either way, they take determination and dedication to achieve. The following Flocabulary songs center around the importance of goals and dreams. Below the videos, we have questions you can use to encourage a discussion…

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Waking Up From Winter Break: How These Educators Engage Students After The Holidays

Waking Up From Winter Break: How These Educators Engage Students After the Holidays

From all of us at Flocabulary, Happy 2016! We’re pumped for another year of working with awesome educators to inspire students. But whether you’re in a Brooklyn office or the back of an ELA classroom, getting into the swing of things after the holidays can be tricky!

We chatted with some educators in the Flocabulary community about the best way to re-engage students after winter break, and a clear theme emerged: culture-building. Here are four ways to create a strong, positive culture in your classroom after break, inspired by these educators.

engaging students after the holidays

Aim to inspire

Who doesn’t love a little feel-good inspiration as we aspire to accomplish new goals in the year ahead? Here’s how Andrea Runnels, fifth grade teacher at Kanoheda Elementary in Georgia, planned to pump up students for 2016: “I love using Kid President as a positive role model for my students. I plan to show his ‘Guide to Being Awesome’ video. Then we will make a plan to be awesome! I have picked a single word –‘One Little Word’– to focus on as my theme for this year, and I’m going to have my students do the same. They’ll create a bulletin board for this word instead of the traditional resolutions. This way, I can refer to each child’s word to redirect and guide their learning and character development for the rest of the year. I love Flocabulary’s Goal Setting video and plan to show that, too, and have my students write about a specific academic goal for the rest of the year.”

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Breaking It Down Flocab Style: Video’s Growing Role In The Classroom

Breaking it down Flocab style: Video’s growing role in the classroom

Over the past two years, video’s role in the classroom has quickly expanded. When schools closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, many teachers turned to classroom video—including Flocabulary!—as a way to keep students engaged while learning remotely. But now, as students and teachers return to in-person learning, videos have remained an essential part of the curriculum. Teaching with video makes sense for several reasons. For one, students already turn to video as a main source of information and entertainment. Just think of all the music videos, YouTube tutorials, and viral TikToks that populate young people’s social media feeds—and our own! The…

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9 Alternative Ed Tech Funding Resources For Your Classroom

9 Alternative ed tech funding resources for your classroom

Flocabulary understands the budgetary constraints many US schools face. As the need for supplemental ed tech resources increases, these financial limitations have proven to be more than a mere inconvenience. These powerful tools that boost student engagement and achievement should not be considered luxuries, but necessities that are accessible to all academic institutions, no matter their budgetary circumstance.

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5 Engaging Lesson Ideas For The Holiday Season

5 engaging lesson ideas for the holiday season

It’s almost that magical time of the school year… when candy cane sugar flows through students’ veins and even the best planned lessons are met with distracted, fidgety kids who forgot their pencils (though they did remember their candy canes.) But you can still eke out a few more lessons before the year’s end. Here are… 5 Fun Lesson Ideas for the Holiday Season …Guaranteed to teach even a little something useful to the most crazed student on the most fractured schedule.

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