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What is Figurative Language?

Figurative Language

Check out the lyrics and moreNobody wants to read boring sentences. So every writer from Charles Dickens to Lupe Fiasco uses a technique that makes their words jump off the page. They use figurative language. Figurative language means that the words you use don’t have their literal meaning, but instead are meant to be imaginative, vivid and evocative. So what is figurative language? Simply, it makes writing more interesting.

Our new, free figurative language song covers 11 common types of figurative language, from metaphor and simile to juxtaposition and onomatopoeia. This lesson plan uses the song as a jumping off point to become skilled in figurative language.

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  1. Very useful website for engaging students in learning various skills. I am going to try a lesson with a 4th class as I model a lesson for the teacher.

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