8 Ways I Use Flocabulary To Make Learning Fun And Impactful

8 Ways I Use Flocabulary to Make Learning Fun and Impactful

I am a firm believer that children are most successful when they have smiles on their faces and are given the opportunity to have a voice. In order for meaningful learning to occur, engagement must exist first. Anyone can stand at the front of a classroom and deliver content; many educators may be able to produce academic results by doing just that. However, in order to have a lasting impact, I feel that it is absolutely necessary to focus on relationships and providing opportunities to engage in exciting, culturally-relevant learning activities. Forming intentional relationships also helps to create a positive…

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How To Use Flocabulary For Personalized Learning

How to Use Flocabulary for Personalized Learning

As a technology teacher, students know that I love computers and all things techy. For Teacher Appreciation Week, a first grader gave me a thumb drive. Tech can be so fun and can be great for personalized learning.  That being said, I am actually not a proponent of tech for the sake of tech. I’ve even put up posters like the image below around my school to make the point that technology is not best used as a babysitter. Bottom line: Kiddos at computers are not rotisserie chickens. You can't "set them and forget them." 

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  • February 17, 2010

4 Questions with Dillon Maurer

Flocabulary artist Dillon Maurer has two passions: music and food. So when Dillon isn’t writing and recording songs for Flocabulary or tutoring students in Atlanta, you can find him in the kitchen, whipping up some breakfast burritos or fried green tomatoes. We put Dillon through our 4 question interview to see what he had to say about inspiration, education, humility and, of course, food. 1. What inspires you as an artist? It sounds a little trite, but I'm truly inspired by life itself. I believe we are all artists, no matter what our craft, so for me, I'm just trying…

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