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Flocab Year in Review: Most Popular Lessons of 2018

If you follow Flocabulary on social media, you witnessed our magical #31DaysofFlocabulary countdown! In December, we shared our 31 most popular lessons created in 2018, as well as highlighted how educators implemented our resources.

With that in mind, here’s a top 10 countdown of our most popular lessons published in 2018. For the full run-down of the #31DaysofFlocab list, check out our Instagram feed. 

Flocab Top 10 Countdown

Most popular 2018 units

10. Stars

This lesson walks students through the life cycle of stars and details the properties of different types of stars. Students will learn about galaxies, and the most important star in our own solar system, the sun.

Students can use the Vocab Game to practice matching pictures of stars to their types and definitions after watching our lesson on Stars.

9. Dinosaurs

Students will explore how scientists gather information about dinosaurs based on the fossils they left behind millions of years ago. They’ll also learn the different classifications of dinosaurs and how one type of dinosaur evolved to become our modern-day birds.


8. Nutrition

Good nutrition is about getting enough of everything our bodies need. This video teaches students about the six major nutrients and where they can find them.

7. Sacagawea

This video will show students how Sacagawea led the Corps of Discovery through uncharted territory and helped begin America’s age of westward expansion.

6. Run-On Sentences

Run-on sentences lack proper punctuation and have too many clauses incorrectly joined together. This lesson teaches students how to identify and correct run-on sentences by breaking them into multiple sentences, adding a semicolon or adding a comma and conjunction.

5. Types of Poetry

What makes a poem? While many poems have regular meter and rhyme, others aren’t bound by these rules. In this lesson, students will learn about several common types of poetry, including sonnets, haiku and limericks.

4. Long Division

Students will learn along with Robin Hood in this video and practice their new division skills in the accompanying lesson resources.

3. Sun

Students will discover the basic properties of the sun itself as well as how the sun’s energy is necessary to the water and ecosystems that power life on Earth.

As a science teacher at heart, I love all the science videos that Flocabulary has created. This video, as well as the wonderful resources that come with it, help to support all classrooms that are startinf discussion on this beautful star, our Sun!

–  Amy Storer, Instructional Coach

2. Voting

Students will learn why voting is both a right and a civic responsibility for citizens in a democracy. They’ll learn the difference between direct democracy and representative democracy, and they’ll understand why not voting is a choice to be silent.

Students will discover how to register and be informed voters so that when it’s time for them to cast their ballots, they can be sure their voices are heard.

1. Love

In this lesson, students will learn about love and different ways to show love, like spending time together, giving gifts and—if the person says it’s OK—hugging. Students will also learn about the history of Valentine’s Day, a holiday for celebrating the love of family and friends.

Fun Fact: We made this entire song and video in 48 hours, right before Valentine’s Day. It was a scramble, and it’s one of our favorite songs. We watch it in our free time just for fun!

Watch the Year in Rap 2018

And finally, the much awaited Year in Rap 2018 video!

From all of us at Flocabulary, thank you for helping make 2018 great. We can’t wait to bring you more lessons, features and fun in 2019.

Happy New Year to you and yours!