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New Flocabulary Lessons to Explore Over the Summer

We’re nearly halfway through 2019, and Flocab has so much new content to show for it. If you don’t follow us on Pinterest, you probably don’t know about our New Lessons board, where we post our newest lessons. Never fear, this blog post will cover all our new additions since January!

New Lessons


We created our new Compound Words and Interjections lessons with morph suits in front of a green screen! When students watch the Compound Words lesson, they’ll learn about how to break them down to figure out the meaning. With Interjections, they’ll learn when, why and how interjections are used in sentences. Try combining it with our End Punctuation video to explain which type of punctuation usually follows an interjection.

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All New ELA:


The new Fossils lesson is an office favorite, and for good reason! Students will learn what turns into a fossil and how. Fossils aren’t always bones, they can also be nests, footprints or other traces of ancient life. You could even use this lesson as a segue into a career discussion for students that particularly enjoy palaeontology.

All New Science:

Social Studies

Just in time for Black History Month, we released new lessons on two of the most notable American civil rights advocates: Jackie Robinson and Malcolm X. The Jackie Robinson lesson went live right around his 100th birthday and introduces students to his successful athletic career, first as a student playing multiple sports and later as the first black Major League Baseball player. What students may not know is that after he retired from baseball, he was a vocal activist in the Civil Rights Movement.

All New Social Studies:

Life Skills

Respect is a lesson that can’t be taught in one sitting, but our new SEL lesson about it is a great place to start. The lesson follows a student from Ghana as he navigates his home and cultural sites and learns to be respectful towards and expect respect from the people around him. We love this lesson because not only does it explain respect, but it also helps students gain a new perspective of growing up in a culture different to their own.

All New Life Skills:


Our newest lessons in math are Elapsed Time and Scientific Notation. Elapsed time is another favorite here at Flocab HQ! Students will learn how to measure how much time has passed from start to finish of a given activity. This lesson focuses on putting lasagna in the oven at a certain time and figuring out what time it will be finished, based on how many minutes it’s supposed to cook.

All New Math:

New In Nearpod

We’ve been hard at work getting Flocabulary integrated with Nearpod, and here’s a sneak peek at what total integration might look like! Your two favorite solutions are joining together to create bite-sized samples that incorporate engaging instruction and at the same time keep student interest at the forefront.

Because these lesson plans incorporate the gradual release model, the hook of each plan introduces students to the topic with a Flocabulary video. Then the “we do” portion uses a combination of Nearpod’s dynamic media like VR to further discuss and understand the topic. And lastly for independent practice, students apply their knowledge through Nearpod’s signature features like draw-it, OEQ, Quiz and more.  

Bite-Sized Lesson Plans

We’ve created five of these bite-sized lessons that incorporate both Nearpod and Flocabulary, taking the best parts of both and making them into one ultra-engaging lesson. Check them all out here!

We’re so excited to share all this new content with you. As the school year winds down, take advantage of your summer break by diving deeper and exploring our site — we’re adding new content all the time!