How To Use Flocabulary For Personalized Learning

How to Use Flocabulary for Personalized Learning

As a technology teacher, students know that I love computers and all things techy. For Teacher Appreciation Week, a first grader gave me a thumb drive. Tech can be so fun and can be great for personalized learning.  That being said, I am actually not a proponent of tech for the sake of tech. I’ve even put up posters like the image below around my school to make the point that technology is not best used as a babysitter. Bottom line: Kiddos at computers are not rotisserie chickens. You can't "set them and forget them." 

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Pre-Test Jitters? Try A Pep Rally!

Pre-Test Jitters? Try a Pep Rally!

With the increased importance on high-stakes standardized tests in recent years, lots of teachers find themselves devoting more and more time to test preparation. You can teach students how to take the test, but what do you do for all those students who find test-taking a nerve-racking experience? One unique solution that we've seen in action: Have a pre-test pep rally. Two members of the Flocabulary crew (Blake and Vlad) had a chance to participate in an amazing pep rally this morning to kick off the ELA tests that start tomorrow in New York. At PS 40Q, an elementary school…

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