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World War One Propaganda Mini Lesson

Uncle Sam wants YOU to learn about World War One Propaganda

Propaganda can be defined as information, ideas or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation etc. During World War One, propaganda posters were rampant. Propaganda spanned different countries, military branches, genders and ages. Use today’s lesson, which includes many examples of World War One Propaganda, to start a discussion in the classroom.

Would War One Propaganda Lesson Plan


  1. Brush up on World War One by listening to Flocabulary’s World War One song. The song explains key causes and events of the war, from the perspective of a young soldier.
  2. Have your students analyze the posters below. and explain what they think the objective of the poster was. Jumpstart a discussion with these questions:

  • How do the posters portray the war? Is it in keeping with what you’ve learned so far about World War One?
  • How do the posters portray each country’s enemies? Is it in keeping with what you’ve learned so far?
  • According to propaganda, what was the role of women in the war?
  • What was the role of men in the war?
  • Do you think these posters convinced people of their messages during the war?
  • If you saw these posters today, would you find them convincing?
  • Can you think of any modern day examples of propaganda?


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