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Need A List of Action Verbs?

I Want Action

Action verbs characterize our every movement and every thought. Do you need a list of action verbs to jumpstart your stories or writing? Here we go:

  • jump
  • sing
  • think
  • dance
  • sleep
  • race
  • giggle
  • watch
  • nap
  • study
An easy trick to recognize action verbs is by asking yourself, “Can I do this?”  Can I sing? (Yes, but poorly.) Can I sleep? (Yes!) Can I giggle? (Yup, all the time!) Action verbs can also tell time by changing verb tense. For example, if you nap in the past, present or future, you could say, “I napped,” “I am napping,” or “I will nap.” (But it’s hard to say “I am napping” and be telling the truth!)
With no verbs, what would we do? Nothing, that’s what! Everything we do is a verb. Watch hip dinosaurs dance in Flocabulary’s new Grammar Rap verb video.

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