Fun Ways To Teach Multiplication Tables Using Video Lessons & Songs (Blog)

Fun ways to teach multiplication tables using video lessons & songs

How do you teach multiplication in a fun way?

When it comes to teaching multiplication, harnessing the power of video lessons can transform a potentially daunting subject into an exciting adventure. By incorporating visual aids, animation, and interactive assessments, teachers can create an immersive learning experience that captures students’ attention and fuels their curiosity. Interactive quizzes and games embedded throughout or after the video keep learners actively involved, fostering a sense of achievement and instilling a positive attitude toward math. In this digital age, where screens are an integral part of students’ lives, leveraging video lessons for teaching math could be the key to unlocking enthusiasm for learning multiplication.

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Here is an example of the type of videos you can find on Flocabulary. Watch this video about Multiplying Decimals with your students to kick off multiplication instruction!

Engaging video lessons and songs to teach students multiplication strategies

Revolutionize the way multiplication is taught in your classroom with these interactive and captivating video lessons. By combining the magic of visuals, animations, and interactive quizzes, these lessons transform what could be challenging topics into thrilling learning experiences. Spark your students’ math enthusiasm and provide them with an innovative approach that makes multiplication and times tables enjoyable with these videos and songs.

1. Multiplication Challenge Rap

Multiplication Challenge Rap song

Elevate the energy in your math classroom by utilizing the Multiplication Challenge Rap lesson and song. This lesson offers a fresh and engaging approach to reinforcing multiplication facts. As students groove to the rhythm, they’ll also be practicing their multiplication skills. The song encourages them to chime in with answers to equations, transforming what might otherwise be routine practice into an exciting interactive experience.

2. Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers

Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers song for kids

Introduce your students to the world of multiplying multi-digit numbers through the Multiplying Multi-Digit Numbers video lesson. This resource offers a comprehensive understanding of multiplication using the standard algorithm, breaking down processes into manageable steps. Through engaging visuals and clear explanations, this song transforms what might seem like a challenging topic into an accessible and engaging learning experience.

3. Multiplying Decimals

Multiplying Decimals video lesson

Elevate your students’ understanding of decimal multiplication with the engaging Multiplying Decimals video lesson. From modeling with word problems to using the number line and converting decimals to fractions, students will gain a comprehensive grasp of this critical math concept. The incorporation of the standard algorithm, alongside patterns and powers of 10, not only equips students with practical math skills but also deepens their understanding.

4. Multiplying Binomials

Multiplying Binomials video lessons

Engage your students when teaching about algebraic multiplication through the Multiplying Binomials music video and lesson. This resource presents a memorable and effective technique for multiplying binomials using the acronym FOIL, which stands for “First, Outside, Inside, Last.” By applying this simple yet powerful approach, students will learn to distribute each term in the first binomial by every term in the second binomial.

Educational and fun video lessons to teach multiplication tables

Use Flocabulary’s Multiplication Tables video lesson series to offer students a comprehensive and engaging approach to mastering multiplication. Each verse contains math problems that encourage active participation and skill-building, while the engaging hooks cultivate enthusiasm and excitement for multiplication. Each lesson sequence includes a video with these powerful assessments and fun activities: Vocab Cards, Vocab Game, Break it Down, Read and Respond, Quiz, and Lyric Lab.

Multiplication 5 and 10 multiplication video and activities

The following multiplication songs help students practice multiplying by numbers 0-12 and are recommended for grades 3-5. The rhymes and stories make math facts easier to remember. These include multiplication problems, times tables, and exciting hooks to teach multiplication facts and get kids enthusiastic about learning. The songs start by using mnemonic techniques to assist students in memorizing these essential facts. The latter part of the songs engages students with practice problems, encouraging them to beat the song to the answer. Click below to explore each video lesson and song!

Multiplication times tables songs for kids

Start using Flocabulary’s resources to teach math

Incorporating video lessons can revolutionize teaching math, making it engaging and rigorous. With resources like Flocabulary’s Multiplication Tables video series, teachers can provide dynamic strategies to master multiplication and foster a love for math.

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