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Character education videos: setting goals

We all have dreams about the future. But why is it that we can’t always make those dreams come true? Since the future seems far away, we often put off planning for another day. It’s important to remember that we have to take many steps to make our dreams a reality. The first step is goal setting. Goals can be short term or long term, but either way, they take determination and dedication to achieve.

The following Flocabulary songs center around the importance of goals and dreams. Below the videos, we have questions you can use to encourage a discussion about setting goals. And Flocabulary has many more songs and videos to teach Character Education.

Songs About Goal-Setting

When I Grow Up

3rd Grade: “When I Grow Up”

This song can be used to inspire students to achieve their dreams. Ask: What do you want to be when you grow up? What are some ways to make sure you achieve your dreams? Why is ambition important? Watch now.

We're the Piglets

4th Grade: “We’re the Piglets”

This is the story of a smart pig who planned ahead, and his two brothers who weren’t so lucky. Ask: What made the main character different from his brothers? How did he plan ahead? What can we learn from the story of the three pigs? Watch now.

Play It Like a Game

5th Grade: “Play It Like a Game”

This song can help students overcome nervousness about taking tests. In this story, we meet a girl who got over that fear. Ask: What did the girl do to get good grades? What did she pretend quizzes and tests were? Would you do the same? Listen now.

It's Alright

8th Grade: “It’s Alright”

This is the story of Nydia Velázquez, the first Puerto Rican woman elected to Congress. Ask: Who influenced Nydia? What advice did her father give her? How is Nydia a good role model when it comes to goal-setting? Watch now.

Questions for Discussion

  • How did goal setting play a role in the success of the characters in the videos?
  • Why is it important to set goals?
  • Why might we give up on our goals?
  • How can we make sure we achieve our goals?

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  1. Yes, we all have dreams and we should beable to follow them and if we stick our minds to it we might accually get to our dream or even farther on. Some of us likes our jobs or schools, but even if you dont than you still need to do whatever you can to get to the top and nobody but yourself can stop you from getting to your dream. People everywere will try to distract you or even try to ruin your lives but you have to put your foot down and say “Look I am going to follow my dreams and nothing is going to stop me.” If you get to were you want to be than you can do almost anything. My dream is to be a nurse so I can help people, but if I dont do what I’m supposed to do than I might never be a nurse. So I’m going to do whatever it takes to be on top so I can be a nurse. That’s what you have to do to get to were you want. I have been in really bad trouble and I’m not going back to being a trouble maker because it hurt me and my grades so I advise everybody to stay out of trouble and stick to what there carrer is. And tha’s all you have to do to be on top and I hope all of ya’ll get to your dreams.

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