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Latinx Identity Contest 2020: Meet the Finalists

The Hispanic Heritage Month Contest, formally known as the Latinx Identities Contest, invites students to be researchers, lyricists, and rappers from all over the country to create their own rap. Students from all over the country selected an important figure, event, or cultural practice for their songs. Take a look at the awesome finalists and lines from their creative entries.

Elementary Finalists

How did this son of migrant farm workers became an astronaut?

José Hernández is an astronaut.

José Hernández never forgot.

He’d go outside and look at the moon.

He knew his opportunity would come soon.


Became a Chilean diplomat Like slavery? He did not.

He traveled to South Asia, and saw things that are rough

With slavery going on he wrote more poetic stuff

In Chile, Pablo was in the senate

But others decided to make him leave it

He went to a university majoring in pharmacy –

was studying the mind and medical plant properties.

He studied singing and had a talent for dancing.

Soon enough Walter Mercado was acting.

Sotomayer was born in New York City.

In the Bronx where the streets have no pity.

When she was nine, her father died.

And the only ones by her side

Were her mother and her brother and her sense of pride.

Secondary Finalists

“The tenth muse,”
Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
Was a warrior, but she did her fighting. With a pen, not sword- she fought with her writing.
“The Mexican phoenix,”
Sor Juana was a genius.
Loving learning as just a young girl, She‘s the first published feminist of the new world

Some of my books include magical realism.
From a young age, I stood for feminism.
I won two awards for my works in 2010,
And I’ve won the Presidential Medal of Freedom since then.

Hace muchos muchos años nació el héroe de todo un continente.Aunque él aún no sabía, en lo que se convertiría estaba escrito que él sería quien nos liberaría.Si aún no sabes de quien te voy hablar prepara tu cabeza por que va a explotar.Su nombre fue Simón Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Ponte Palacios y Blanco ¡Aja asi es no estoy bromeando!

In Latino culture there’s a special day,
To remember the dead in dance, song, and play!
Be reminded of what our loved ones did and said,
It’s Día De Los Muertos which means Day of the Dead!

Students were invited to write a song even in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. Take a look at the 2021 winners and finalists!

It wasn’t about the painting, but the message for me
I would fight all night if it brought justice to only 3
I wasn’t one of those elitists
No, I made sure everyone could see
It didn’t matter, how hard, how painful, how long it took

No, I cared about creating change, something off book

Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry. The learning should not stop when Hispanic Heritage Month ends. These themes and topics can enrich cross-curricular learning all year round. That’s why we’ve updated the Hispanic Heritage Month Contest page so you can access the rap-writing lesson and other resources at any time.

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