Latinx Identities Contest 2021 Meet The Finalists Blog

Latinx Identities Contest 2021: Meet the Finalists

The Hispanic Heritage Month Contest, formally known as the Latinx Identities Contest, invites students to be researchers, lyricists, and rappers from all over the country to create their own rap. Students selected an event, person, tradition, or identity tied to Hispanic heritage and culture to research and write a song about. Take a look at the creative and inspiring entries we received from our winners and finalists!

Our contest winners worked with our talented artists and creative team to turn their lyrics into complete Flocabulary videos and an accompanying lesson. To see their original lyric submissions and the final video on Flocabulary, see below:

2021 Latinx Identities Contest Winners 🏆

Elementary Winner

Luis Alvarez just wanted to say,

How the dinosaurs’ bones got covered in gray.

San Francisco 1911 the 13th of June,

Was when a scientist was born who later shook up a typhoon.

In 1934 he got a master’s degree,

And in 1936 he earned a P.H.D.

He found proof of an asteroid in the iridium layer,

And of cosmic rays, he was a major surveyor.”

Secondary Winner

“Like one, the history of all this – it all started in the time of the Aztecs,

They would celebrate and honor the dead, and Mexico kept the trend

Now let’s keep moving, there is a lot left to see.

Over there you see all those treats? They are for the dead –

The meals they liked before the end,

Like the bread in your hand, you asked what it was –

pan de Muertos, or the bread of the dead.”

2021 Latinx Identities Contest Finalists 🎉

Elementary Finalists

  • Olivia from Chicago Public Schools in IL
    • Entry Topic: Roberto Clemente
  • Yuzuki from Del Mar Union School District in CA
    • Entry Topic: Ellen Ochoa
  • Dominik from St. Philips School in TX
    • Entry Topic: Eva Peron
  • Naomi from St. Philips School in TX
    • Entry Topic: Rita Moreno

Secondary Finalists

  • Anya from Ames Community School District in IA
    • Entry Topic: Emma Tenayuca
  • Jake from Santa Monica in CA
    • Entry Topic: Jovita Idar
  • Emmanuelle from Los Angeles Archdiocese in CA
    • Entry Topic: Chicana Feminist Movement
  • Alexandra from Beaufort in SC
    • Entry Topic: Rita Moreno

Congratulations to the winners and finalists!

Thank you to everyone that submitted an entry. The learning should not stop when Hispanic Heritage Month ends. These themes and topics can enrich cross-curricular learning all year round. That’s why we’ve updated the Hispanic Heritage Month Contest page so you can access the rap-writing lesson and other resources at any time.

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