Latinx Identities Contest 2021: Meet The Finalists

Latinx Identities Contest 2021: Meet the Finalists

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we invited students to be the researchers, lyricists and rappers for a student contest. For Flocabulary’s Celebrating Latinx Identities contest, students from all over the country selected an event, person, tradition, or identity tied to Latinx culture to research and write a song about. Take a look at the creative and inspiring entries we received from our winners and finalists! Interested in learning more about the contest? Inspire students with entries from past contest winners here. 2021 Latinx Identities Contest Winners 🏆 Elementary Winner Luis Alvarez just wanted to say, How the dinosaurs’ bones…

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5 Ways To Empower Student Voice In The Classroom

5 ways to empower student voice in the classroom

When you find a tool that supports student voice and choice, you know you have found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Flocabulary is one of those tools! Flocabulary is a learning program for all grades that uses educational hip-hop music to engage students and increase achievement across the curriculum. We will dive into a few of my favorite ways to leverage Flocabulary to encourage and support student voice such as Lyric Lab, life skills, and Flocabulary’s student contests. Let’s get started! 1. Lyric Lab Lyric lab is one of my absolute favorite tools to support student…

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Showcase Student Voice With Lyric Lab

Showcase student voice with lyric lab

Over the summer, I had the honor and privilege to attend Flipgrid’s Student Voice Conference in Minnesota. At the event, I was able to hear the always inspiring Matt Miller speak. This is not the first nor the last time, but every time I watch him present, I leave with inspiration and motivation to do better for my kids and my teachers. During his keynote, he said something that has stuck with me since. We often advocate for student voice, by saying things such as “let’s give our students a voice.” But Matt’s statement rings so true. They already have…

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