Black History Month Contest 2024 – Meet The Winners And Finalists (Blog Image)

Black History Month Contest 2024: Meet the winners and finalists

We’re announcing the Flocabulary contest winners and finalists for Black History Month 2024! In honor of Black History Month, we invited students to be the researchers, lyricists, and rappers. Students from across the country selected under-recognized Black historical figures for their song lyrics. This year, we received over 450 submissions from teachers and parents on behalf of their students!

Want to bring relevant resources into your classroom? Use these lessons to explore Black historical figures and events year-round.

This contest gives learners a platform to express themselves, share their voices, and showcase their creativity and skills. The Black History Month Rap Contest is part of a series of student contests hosted by Flocabulary and Nearpod that serve to uplift underrepresented histories and student voice. Flocabulary also hosts a student contest for Hispanic Heritage Month to highlight Hispanic history and voices. Each event inspires and connects students to the world around them and their identities and interests.

Ten finalists from elementary and secondary grades were asked to send a video of themselves performing their songs. The two winning students will have their lyrics turned into a Flocabulary lesson, be featured in the lesson video, and meet the rappers and artists contributing to the lesson.

Take a look at the creative and talented entries from our 2024 winners and finalists!

Black History Month Contest Winner Elementary: Joi Courtney

“Ida B. Wells. Educator, activist,

Ida B. Wells. Investigative journalist.

Ida B. Wells. Mention her name with the rest.

Ida B. Wells, she was rocking with the best”

Black History Month Contest Winner Secondary: Elijah Greene

“Bass Reeves was a slave born in Paris, Texas.

At that time slavery was infectious.

Reeves was illiterate, unable to read or write.

But that doesn’t mean he was unable to fight.”

“Garrett Morgan, had a vision so bright,

Invented the traffic light, shining like a starlight.

Red, yellow, green, the colors on the block,

Guiding cars safely, no need to stop.”

“Offense! Defense! Rebounds! Shooting!

A single move would get the audience rooting!

Assist! Pass! Jump, and Dunk!

His power would put his opponents in a funk”

“Alice Coachman born in Albany, 

Her dream was to be an athlete 

But being born into a segregated state

She had it real hard, yet she paved the way”

“Amelia Boynton Robinson was a civil rights activist

She helped as an African American advocate

She risked her life for causes, big and small 

She believed in freedom for not some but all”

“Jacob Lawrence knew

He stood up tall, let the pain renew

The worth of all blacks

Racist beliefs were soon to collapse”

“Jacob Lawrence knew

He stood up tall, let the pain renew

The worth of all blacks

Racist beliefs were soon to collapse”

“Revolutionized Jazz with new existence

Born in ’26, the legend was destined 

To deliver only greatness, as a legal contestant 

In the world of Jazz where he found his essence”

“Bass Reeves,

Three-thousand criminals brought down to their knees.

Bass Reeves,

You know his name ‘cause he’s the bane of all thieves”

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. The learning shouldn’t stop when Black History Month ends; these themes and topics enrich cross-curricular learning all year round. Keep the conversation going by using the lessons linked on the contest page, or watch past winners’ and finalists’ rap videos.