#HowWeFlocab Spring Recap Get Inspired By These Phenomenal Lessons

#HowWeFlocab Spring Recap: Get Inspired by These Phenomenal Flocab Lessons!

Earlier this spring, we asked members of the Flocabulary community to share stories of how their class loves to learn with Flocabulary by posting photos or videos on social media tagged #HowWeFlocab. We hoped this plethora of pics would not only give us a glimpse into what’s happening in Flocab classrooms — but would connect educators through community-sourced ideas. Learning together is always better. 

From sketchnotes to rap battles, and test prep to poetry, we found teachers using Flocabulary in out-of-the-box ways to bring joy into the classroom and make learning engaging and fun. Ready to get inspired? Snag these teachers’ tactics and tips for next school year!

Our #HowWeFlocab Faves

Cross Curricular Writing with Rhymes

Teacher tip: Introducing our Earth Materials unit with the “Types of Rocks” Flocabulary video was a great way to get them motivated! We used it throughout our unit as a review and as a brain break on rainy days. They always love to get up and dance, and try to sing along! I used the Lyric Lab feature to tie up our unit and give them an opportunity to share what they’ve learned. It also connected perfectly to our current Literacy study of poetry and figurative language. For my fourth graders, the Lyric Lab feature offers the perfect amount of support (suggested vocabulary and rhyming words to include), but allows them the open-ended, creative outlet to express their knowledge. – Ashli Hastings, Flocabulary MC Educator

Flexing Those Public Speaking Muscles

Use Flocab to support class presentation with our Public Speaking unit!

Gearing Up for State Tests

Teacher tip: We were using the Math Terms rap and review to build confidence as we have two school weeks before STAAR Math and Reading. Students were taking notes as we reviewed and they were able to use these notes on the quiz that went along with this lesson. I loved it because no copies had to be made, 100% Engaged students who were excited to take a quiz!!! The majority scored 80% or higher. They took the quiz using their Flocabulary accounts.” – Melody McCallister, Flocabulary MC Educator

Celebrating Student Mastery with Class Performances

How can props (like this cool microphone) empower students to step outside their comfort zones to demonstrate their learning?

Sketchnoting For The Win

Teacher tip: Students learned about theme by watching & sketchnoting the Flocabulary video. They practiced finding themes after watching short animation films. I love sketchnoting with students. It really helps them to understand by turning thoughts into words and pictures organized on a page. It helps make thinking visible and it works in any content area! – Genevieve Pacada

Bringing Favorite Flocab Jams To Recess!

Teacher Tip: Social Studies class wasn’t enough Flocab time for our 6th graders, so they carried it over to recess! – Sara Gruver

Using Movement for Memory

Teacher Tip: Vocab review is done with choreographed raps! Students love to get up on their chairs, bust some moves, and review rigorous vocabulary at the same time! – Elizabeth Raff 

Writing Songs to Bring Class Goals and Achievements to Life!

Teacher Tip: My students struggled a lot at the beginning of the year. They have worked incredibly hard to make gains. Using Flocabulary has been life changing. My kiddos are so proud of their gains that we decided to create a video that showcased that. – Judy Ramirez 

Using Flocabulary in the classroom as part of summer learning? Spread the love by sharing your favorite Flocabulary lessons on social media (and don’t forget to add #HowWeFlocab)!