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Flocabulary month-by-month: May

We know May can be one of the most difficult months of the year to keep students engaged with summer just around the corner. Try a few of these Flocabulary lessons this month to save time on planning and keep students thinking about new concepts, reviewing things they already learned or mastering vocabulary.

Celebrate Memorial Day

Celebrate Memorial Day and learn the history of the holiday with Flocabulary’s Memorial Day lesson with a hip-hop video and supplemental vocabulary activities to deepen vocabulary knowledge. Students will learn about Memorial Day traditions and symbols and ways to honor fallen soldiers. They’ll also complete three short writing prompts, including an original rap about the importance of this federal holiday. You can also use our World War I and World War II videos to remember those who have given their lives for their country.

Review for final exams

Final exam season is upon us! Help your students prepare with our Test-Taking strategies lesson. Students will use Flocabulary videos on any subject they choose to review material for upcoming exams and then practice writing and answering test questions for their peers using the vocab from the Test-Taking strategies video.

Use “May” as a helping verb

May is known for Memorial Day, Space Day, Mother’s Day…and now, as the only month that’s also a helping verb! Celebrate this take on “may” with Flocabulary’s Helping Verbs lesson about helping verbs. Students will learn to differentiate between main verbs and helping verbs and write sentences using both. They’ll also explain how helping verbs change the tense and meaning of sentences.

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

This month, we honor the history, culture and contributions of Americans whose ancestors came from Asia and the Pacific Islands. Students can explore the experience of Chinese immigrants in the mid-1800s with Flocabulary’s Transcontinental Railroad lesson. They can also watch Flocabulary’s Japanese Internment lesson to learn about Fred Korematsu, who challenged the unconstitutional internment of Japanese American citizens during World War II.

It’s spring!

April showers bring May flowers… and a whole lot of student distraction. Keep your students alert, engaged, and educated by using our Word Up vocabulary lessons to practice Tier 2 high-frequency words, letting students write their own vocab tests after a Flocab lesson, applying the scientific method outside of the classroom and using current events to research climate change.

Jump into Flocabulary and find a few videos you love, favorite them to save them for later, and finish the school year strong without spending hours of time preparing new lessons.