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Tips for social & emotional learning and life skills instruction with Flocabulary

From ELA to social studies – there’s a Flocabulary for that. We know that these subjects aren’t the only topics covered in school. Our life skills videos teach racial & social justice, social & emotional learning, financial literacy, and health & wellness.

With Flocabulary, teachers can quickly increase student engagement with hip-hop videos that resonate with students. It’s easy to get students excited about difficult concepts and working collaboratively.

Tips for social & emotional learning and life skills instruction with Flocabulary

Build future-ready skills with financial literacy lessons

  • Provide real-world applications into math with Flocabulary’s lessons on budgeting, credit cards, and debt & bankruptcy. These lessons provide students the chance to practice the skills in the videos and think about financial literacy in their own lives. Students can review these videos and activities and spend a class period sharing and reflecting on their results.
  • Bring college and career readiness into the classroom with financial literacy lessons on choosing a career, paying for college, and student loans. These financial literacy topics align with math curriculum and college & career readiness initiatives.

Use social and emotional learning lessons to build positive school climates

  • Build resilience, interpersonal skills, and foster class community with SEL lesson topics like building empathy, active listening, managing frustration, bullying, and time management.
  • Kick-off the school year by watching one or more of these videos and use them to reinforce these skills throughout the year. Some videos include digital literacy, like oversharing, which was created in partnership with Common Sense Education.
  • Use Flocabulary’s goal setting lesson as inspiration to craft goals that are specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely. After using this video students can interview their peers about their goals to self-reflect on how to accomplish these goals.

Bring racial and social justice topics into the classroom

Teach life skills for health and wellness

Whether you’re in a homeroom, advising, or classroom setting these lessons can increase student knowledge about money management or facilitate discussions about online behavior. Life skills and SEL topics are an entry point to get students to open up about their lives and connect with those around them.