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Distance of Jupiter from Earth

Have you ever wanted to travel to another planet? We certainly do. And when we were doing research for our solar system rap video, “Confessions of a Planet,” we thought it would be a good excuse to figure out just how much gas we might need to reach Jupiter. (When we go into space, we go big.)

So what is the distance of Jupiter from Earth?

It turns out that the answer is complicated. In our heliocentric universe, everyone can tell you how far the planets are from the sun. The number varies throughout the year due to our elliptical orbit, but it’s simple to figure out. (In fact, this site will let you know the specific distance for today.) But who wants to visit the sun? You’ll burn up. We’re talking Jupiter.

The reason it’s hard to calculate is because Jupiter and Earth have different elliptical orbits. So depending on the year, the distance varies a lot. According to NASA, when Earth is closest to Jupiter, Jupiter is only 390,682,810 miles apart. When it’s furthest, it’s a cool 576,682,810 miles. (Those numbers are a little scary, so scientists use a different unit of measure, called Astronomical Units, or AU. And then it’s only a different between 4.2 AU and 6.2 AU.)

So for you space travelers, we’ve got bad news and good news. If you’re looking to save some time and visit when Jupiter is closest, we’re not going to get close until 2022. But then again, that gives you 10 years to figure out how to get there!

Learn more about the planets and our solar system, with our educational rap video, “Confessions of a Planet!

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