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Check out the lyrics and more for our presidential election process video.

Just in time for the upcoming elections, we are debuting our new Civics units. The new songs and videos feature a broad spectrum of topics, from the presidential election process to the founding fathers’ inspiration for a more perfect union. Civics for kids has never been more musical! Additionally, each unit is aligned with Florida’s civics standards, which are also used by other states as a model for civics instruction.

The New Flocabulary Civics Units

  • A More Perfect Union introduces John Locke and the Englightenment – the founding fathers’ inspiration for the U.S. government. Hear Thomas Jefferson and James Madison explain their motivation behind the Declaration of Independence and The Constitution.
  • Forms of Government illuminates the different forms a government can take, including anarchy, monarchy, theocracy, dictatorship, oligarchy and democracy. It also breaks down the difference between a direct democracy and a representative democracy.
  • Political Parties reviews the views and platforms of each party. The split between Democrats and Republicans is explained, and smaller parties like Libertarian and Green get their turn in the spotlight as well.
  • Presidential Election Process informs presidential-hopefuls of the process of running for and becoming president. Hint: it’s more than just a bunch of TV spots and photo ops with babies.
  • Three Branches of Government, released last month, breaks down the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches. And it also includes the system of checks and balances.
  • A song about the 50 states and their capitals is coming very soon! So stay tuned.

The Presidential Election Process video will be free forever, so share it widely. And if you’d like to see all the videos, sign up for a free trial to Flocabulary.