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Character Education Videos: Bullying

Bullying is everywhere in today’s headlines. All too often, we read tragic stories of children driven to desperation because of bullying or harassment from their peers. Sadly, the phenomenon is far from new. All of us can recall being bullied at least once in our lives, or perhaps even being the bully ourselves.

What is different in today’s school environment, however, is that bullying doesn’t just happen face to face – students are now grappling with it online and through relentless social media. This can leave a student feeling like there is no escape, which is why it’s more important than ever to make the classroom a positive environment and a safe haven from bullying.

The following Flocabulary songs center around bullying and teach ways to deal with it. Below the videos, we have questions you can use to facilitate a discussion with your students. Also, don’t miss our Bullying Lesson Plan and more songs and videos to teach Character Education.

Songs About Bullying

Sticks and Stones3rd Grade: Sticks and Stones

This is song can be used to show students that there are clever ways to stand up against bullying. Ask: How did the bully treat others in this song? What did the main character decide to do? What can we learn from this story about dealing with bullies?  Watch now.


Have Compassion

5th Grade: “Have Compassion”

This song demonstrates to students the courage it takes to stand up to a whole group of people. Ask: What does it mean to have compassion? What change did the main character make? Why might it be scary to stand up to a group of people who are bullying others? Watch now.


Scarface7th Grade: Scarface

This song shows students that one bold act can change someone’s life for the better. Ask: Why was Jay being bullied? What did Keena decide to do? What can we learn about bullying from this story? Watch now.


Questions for Discussion

  • What did the characters in the video do when they witnessed someone being bullied? What can we do if we witness bullying or are being bullied?
  • Bullying doesn’t just happen in school. Where are some other places you’ve seen bullying?
  • What kind of behavior do you associate with bullying?
  • What are some consequences of bullying?
  • What do you think bullies can do to change their behavior?

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  1. Bulling is not a fun or funny thing to do and if your a bully than you need to stop or you will end up picking on somebody that is alot stronger than you and you will get beat in alot of ways and if you think your cool just because your a bully than your wrong being bullied is not funny or cool so dont act like your cool when your not. Trust me because I have been bullied before and it is not fun and it hurts alot.

    Being bullied can lead to alot of things like suisidal, or somebody really getting hurt. If yur being bullied than tell an adult and that doesnt help than if the bully tries to bully you than don’t say anythaing to them just walk away and if they follow you than tell them to leave you alone and get a life. This might not be that nice but you have to do what you gotta do and they will most likely leave you alone and if they dont than try to do everything you can to stay away from them. I know how it feels so I’m very sorry.

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