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Black History Rap Contest Results Are In: Meet our Winner + Finalists

No doubt you’ve heard about, and maybe even participated in, our Black History Rap Contest.  If you’ve been following along, you know that we’ve selected our finalists and you are probably biting your nails in anticipation of finding out the winner.

For the contest, we implored students across the country to write raps about a black historical figure who didn’t have their own Flocab lesson but that students thought deserved one. At stake: the chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Flocabulary Headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, to record their rap with one of our artists.

This contest is a big milestone here at Flocab, the first of its kind we’ve ever put on. Out of a record 1,100 submissions to the contest, we selected eight finalists ranging from 3rd-9th grade who expertly conveyed history, facts, vocabulary and emotion in their raps.

Meet Our Winner: Jaden J.

Grade: 9
Location: Flossmoor, IL
Historical Figure: John Lewis

Our Favorite Lyrics:

“And I say thanks, thank you for fighting for the future and the lives today
A man of pride a hero who paved the way
Superman can kick them rocks cause Lewis saved the day
A real soldier fighting for the justice of others so we get closure
Freedom of speech, I’m grinding this beat like some Folgers”

Check out Flocabulary’s full John Lewis lesson featuring Jaden’s entry!

Meet The Finalists

In no particular order, here are our eight finalists and their amazing performances of their raps. Plus, our favorite lines from their lyrics!


Grade: 4
Location: Warren Township, IN
Historical Figure: Marley Dias

Our Favorite Lyrics:

“2018 she wrote a book
She’s very inspiring, open up and take a look
And just read in between the lines
When you do, you will find
How she gives little black girls shine.
She advocates for girls like me
It inspires me to be what I wanna be.”


Grade: 3
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Historical Figure: Dr. Charles Drew

Our Favorite Lyrics:

“Drew spent his final years teaching classes
Using scientific evidence to school the masses
Never letting fake barriers stand in his way
We use his blood banking methods to this day”


Grade: 6
Location: Charlotte, NC
Historical Figure: Aretha Franklin

Our Favorite Lyrics:

Traveled on tour with Martin Luther King
Got signed with Columbia while in NYC to sing
Divorced from her abusive husband, Ted White
Aretha was alone but she did alright

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Grade: 6
Location: Hyattsville, MD
Historical Figure: Madam CJ Walker

Our Favorite Lyrics:

“I said Madame CJ Walker hung in there
Put together an elixir to care for her hair
Petrolatum and sulfur to heal her scars
She bottled it up and sold it in jars”


Grade: 4
Location: Lafayette, LA
Historical Figure: Wilma Rudoloph

Our Favorite Lyrics:

“In 1960, she went to Rome.
Won three Gold medals, to bring back home.
Broke all kinds of records, and that’s a plus.
No more segregation, and that’s a must.”


Grade: 9
Location: San Jose, CA
Historical Figure: Michelle Obama

Our Favorite Lyrics:

“Michelle Obama had a goal to get kids moving
So she launcher her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign only proving
Children who were active had more motivation
To achieve their dreams and get a higher education”


Grade: 7
Location: Prairie du Chien, WI
Historical Figure: Edna Lewis

Our Favorite Lyrics:

“Edna Lewis was a chef and a teacher
Southern food is what she always loved to feature
I mean the chicken, the veggies, the pork
I know she could’ve gotten some on my fork!”