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Get Inspired: Education Bloggers Who Are Feeling the Flocab Love

Many of our Flocabulary superfans are not only dedicated educators but also avid bloggers who love writing about new and innovative edtech tools that revolutionize the classroom. This fall we partnered with some of these all-star blogging educators, and we’re excited to share how they use Flocabulary to boost student engagement and achievement!

Please note that the giveaways featured on each blog are now closed. Look out for more chances to win through blogger collaborations in the future!

lisa-butler-roundExplore middle school social studies educator Lisa Butler’s post for a deep dive into our geography content. Lisa writes: “The Five Themes is the foundation for my geography class, so I was ecstatic when the videos appeared in the Flocabulary library.” Fun fact: we built our geography content based on teacher requests! Keep the suggestions comin’, folks!

Kelly Harper, 3rd grade teacher from Texas, uses Flocabulary across subjects, but used her post to walk through Flocabulary lesson plan using our elementary science unit,  “The Three States of Matter,” as an example. Check out her post for a step-by-step guide on building a lesson with Flocab!

lisa-mims-roundLisa Mims was hooked on Flocab the day she saw “Five Elements of a Story.” She focused her post on teaching vocabulary across the curriculum with Flocabulary.

Their lists are made up of grade appropriate vocabulary and go from K-8, up to 9-12 SAT words. The great part is that I am able to differentiate instruction without added stress.”

Learn more about how Flocabulary works in Lisa’s classroom here.

Third grade educator from Virginia, Doris Young, uses Flocabulary as a way to combat her students’ “stray mind syndrome,” as she so cleverly puts it. She hits on what we take the most pride in doing as an ed tech program: increasing student engagement.

It is a great hook into any lesson, but because this site offers us so much more than just a catchy song or lyric, it can also be used as the core component of your teaching.”

Learn more about how Doris leverages student engagement with Flocabulary here.

Fifth grade teacher from Tennessee, Sarah Cooper, started sarah-cooperusing Flocabulary during her transition from teaching 2nd grade to 5th. Read her post for a glimpse at how her students mastered Prepositions by writing their own rhymes with our new feature, Lyric Lab!

Krystal, an educator from Utah, writes:

As a school technology specialist, Flocabulary saves me so much time–I have to create lessons to teach across K-6, so I love being able to go onto Flocabulary, search by topic, then narrow the results by grade level.”

Learn more about how Krystal uses Flocab to ease lesson planning here.

Andrea Runnels, classroom teacher turned Social Studies consultant, andrea-runnelsprovides an awesome cross-curricular Flocabulary lesson, using our Figurative Language unit and popular song lyrics for a Hispanic Heritage Month activity. Check it out!

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