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13 New Flocabulary Videos!

…and even more coming very soon!


One of our new videos, Adverbs Are Preferred.

We’ve been creating even more videos to go along with our songs, both old and new. We’ve finished animating our division songs (yes, all of them!) and are continually adding to our Word Up vocabulary videos, all while creating a new Week In Rap each week and units in new subjects like Civics. We’re listening, and we know that videos help Flocabulary to be an even better learning tool in the classroom.

These new videos are in a range of subjects, including vocabulary, language arts, and math. If you’d like to watch all of them, sign up for a free two-week trial to Flocabulary.

New Videos


4th Grade Vocabulary: Solve My Case
Learn ten new fourth grade vocabulary words as you solve the mystery of an impossibly fast girl. Watch now.




5th Grade Vocabulary: The Spider King
This song teaches ten new fifth grade vocabulary words as it tells a story of the Spider King from West African folklore. Watch now.



6th Grade Vocabulary: The Date
Find out what happens when unpopular Joe gets a date with popular Lisa and learn fifteen new sixth grade vocabulary words along the way. Watch now.



8th Grade Vocabulary: How to be an Entrepreneur
This video gives advice on how to start your own business as it teaches fifteen new eighth grade vocabulary words. Watch now.



8th Grade Vocabulary: Harrison Bergeron
This song explores the themes of the short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut and teaches fifteen new eighth grade vocabulary words. Watch now.



Reading and Writing Strategies

The Thesis
A thesis is an important part of any essay. This song teaches students what a thesis is and gives tips on how to write a good one. Watch now.




Adverbs are Preferred
In this video, Tory learns all about the importance of adverbs when it comes to making writing interesting, and so will you. Watch now.



The Story of Hom and Nym
This video, which tells the story of two very different brothers, will help students understand the difference between many commonly confused words. Watch now.




Who’s Making the Rules?
This song explains the characteristics of many different forms of government as it tells students all about a hypothetical country that has experienced all of them. Watch now.




Do You Know Your 2s?
Use this song to teach or review dividing by two. Watch now.




Keep, Change, Flip
This song introduces a helpful mnemonic for dividing fractions, guiding students through the process of “Keep, Change, Flip.” Watch now.



Math Term Party
Translating word problems into equations can seem intimidating, but with this video, students will easily remember the math terms. Watch now.



Probability: Tell the Future
It may not be possible to tell the future, but you can use probability to make educated guesses about what will happen. This video introduces students to odds and probability. Watch now.



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  1. I do enjoy Flocabulary as do most of my 7th graders. I would like to see a video for their/they’re and your/you’re like you did for to. I call these killer words as students (and email writers) don’t seem to notice the errors made with these words.

  2. Are there more videos to use than what we have access to with the free trial once we decide to purchase a site license for the use of the profram in our district? I like the program but for $1200.00 there would have to be many more videos than what I viewed in the free trial period.

    1. Hi Scotty,

      During the free trial, you have access to all songs and videos. We are currently in the process of adding videos for all of our existing songs, and adding many each week. We’re also working on new songs and videos that will be added this year. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions about Flocabulary.


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