Writing To Celebrate Student Voice: Flocabulary Visits Standing Rock

Writing to Celebrate Student Voice: Flocabulary Visits Standing Rock

At the start of 2017, Flocabulary traveled to Standing Rock, ND to work one-on-one with students in the community. Why the trek from our hometown of Brooklyn to the Great Plains? The students in this community are Lyric Lab pros, and with the school’s special focus on the arts as part of the nationwide Turnaround Arts program, we wanted to collaborate to offer avenues for student voice and expression in a community embroiled in a national controversy.

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Straight out of the classroom: Teachers and students submit (awesome) academic raps

Welcome to November, Hip-Hop Classroom. We had to post these raps - fresh in from Loudon, VA and Cheshire, CT. First, we have a truly top-notch rap about the Vietnam War from Ms. Zecher in Sterlin, VA. The key content/vocabulary is even in bold, just like Flocabulary. Fantastic work Jen Zecher - let's get this on wax! Up next, 5th graders from Doolittle School in Cheshire, CT created a rap about science of sound concepts. We love it! Here's what teacher Tracy Ajello wrote when she submitted the rhymes: "Hi, my fifth graders wrote this rap to teach about grade…

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Indianapolis 6th Grade Class Uses Hip-Hop To Get on Top

Whoa - we just got word of a school putting out one extraordinary academics-based rap music video after another! The 6th graders at Lew Wallace Elementary in Indianapolis, IN, have been busy this past year, creating songs and videos that cover everything from atomic structure to the dangers of drug use. Check out the "Bacteria Rap" or a great track about "Animal Relationships" Flocabulary commends these students and their teacher, Damon E. Jennings, for their work. All of the videos (available on Mr. Jennings' YouTube channel) are great, and serve as examples of the possibilities for using Hip-Hop as a…

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Student's Flocab-Style Rap, "A New Best Friend"

Anyone that's ever walked out of a pet store with a "new best friend" can relate... 8th grader Fiorella Nicoloso of Incarnation Catholic School (Sarasota, FL) wrote this phenomenal rap/song using tough vocabulary words. Incorporating academic content into your own artistic creations - be they poems, songs or raps - is an unbeatable way to make sure you really know your stuff. We hope everyone enjoys this. Big Up, Fiorella! ----------------- “A New Best Friend” As I walked down the street to the pet store one day, I thought about what kind of pet I’d want to stay. Would I…

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