The Art Of Rhyme Writing

The Art of Rhyme Writing

In order to be a great rapper, you have to have an understanding of how to write rhymes. Mastering rhyme schemes and learning how to utilize slant and near rhymes comes with time and practice, and there are many ways to go about learning the skill. We wanted to explore how different rappers go about writing their rhymes, since the art of rhyming is so crucial to an emcee's style. So we interviewed two of our own Flocab artists, and broke down some bars formulaically.

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Julius Caesar Rap in a Quick Minute

Better than Flocab? Have any students who listen to one of our songs and say, "not bad, but I could do better"? Well, three such students at Lindenwold High School in New Jersey heard "Three Times," our version of Marc Antony's famous speech in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and decided to take the challenge. So Booshon, John, and Kyle spent a weekend writing and recording their version of the famous speech. The result is pretty incredible. Lyrics: Friends, lend me your ear for a quick minute! Romans, lend me your ear for a quick minute! Countrymen, lend me your ear for…

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  • February 17, 2009

Rappers are Millionaires (Not!)

Another great, complete lesson plan from Daniel D. Zarazua, this one uses the complexities of the "rich rapper" myth to address various topics related to microeconomics. It also gets students thinking critically about portrayals of wealth in the media, and about how economic principals can affect their lives in unexpected ways. Mr. Zarazua writes, "I've use it in different contexts, but students analyze constructions of 'wealth' as presented in music videos, concepts such as supply and demand, monopolies, distribution, and costs of living." This lesson plan is a great way to connect with students' "out-of-school" interests and expertise to teach…

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