Flocabulary’s Professional Development Opportunities Just Got Even Better

Flocabulary’s Professional Development Opportunities Just Got Even Better

Is your school or district new to Flocabulary? Do you have a digital subscription, but haven’t had formal training on how to use our program? If the answer to these questions is “yes,” we’re here to help!

We strive to create an increasingly user-friendly site, but we understand that an educator’s time is precious. It can be challenging to become a pro at using any new technology under the time constraints and workload educators face. For this reason, we have enhanced our professional development offerings and devoted an entire team of highly skilled customer success managers to help you! We want to ensure the onboarding process is seamless so you can worry less about “getting started” and just start.

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Making Current Events Challenging & Creative: Flocab’s Lyric Legend Contest Winners

Making Current Events Challenging & Creative: Flocab’s Lyric Legend Contest Winners

Earlier this spring, our Lyric Legend Contest gave classrooms the opportunity to write and submit their own lyrics to be featured in original editions of the Week in Rap Junior and Week in Rap Extra! And the winners were (drum roll please): Steven Torres’ third grade class at Felix A. Williams Elementary in Florida, and Karl Karkainen’s sixth grade class at Enumclaw Middle is Washington!

For their impressive lyrical talents, the winning contestants were rewarded with a microphone, mic stand, headphones, AND an iPad! Now they can keep making masterpieces like the WIR Junior and WIR Extra editions that were based on each class’ lyrics!

We interviewed the proud educators of these talented students to learn more about how they use hip-hop as an instructional tool.

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Flocab’s Standards Alignment Tool Is Here: How Our Content Aligns With Your State Standards

Flocab’s Standards Alignment Tool is Here: How Our Content Aligns with Your State Standards

You asked, we listened! Flocabulary now aligns with all state standards.

Many educators have shared a need to see how our content aligns with their state’s specific standards. How will your favorite Flocabulary unit help your students with standardized tests? Need specifics on standards alignment to share with your district administrators? With Flocabulary’s new standards alignment search tool, teachers and administrators can easily view this information with a few clicks on our user-friendly site.

Ready to see it for yourself? Access the standards search tool here. Please note that, by default, this link takes you directly to the “All Standards” tab. For specifics on ELA CCSS and Math CCSS, click on the tabs to the right.

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5 EdTech Tools To Engage Students In Current Events

5 EdTech Tools to Engage Students in Current Events

Friday is the favorite day of the week for my students, and not for the reason you would assume. They love it because it’s our day dedicated to discussing the news.

Social Studies is responsible for telling the story of everything that humans have ever done. It also is responsible for preparing our future citizens. In sixth grade, we can create connections to what we’re studying and what’s happening in the news every week – I see this as our chance to lead students to care about what’s happening in the world. And with the inclusion of regular current events, students make rich and meaningful connections into other content areas, a very positive extension of learning. I want students to continue to read the news long after they exit sixth grade and to have the skills to decide what to base their opinions on so they’re informed and active as members of their communities — as well as global citizens.

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Product Update: Pause & Play Is Here!

Product Update: Pause & Play is here!

We’re excited to announce a new teaching tool, Pause & Play, which launched with our April 15 Week in Rap video last Friday. With Pause & Play, prompts and questions appear at specific points during the video to facilitate further discussion and exploration of the content. Challenge your students to dive deeper and think critically with this new feature.

Orange markers along the playback bar indicate where prompts will appear. When the video hits a Pause & Play prompts, it will appear like magic and the video will—you guessed it!—automatically pause.

Watch what happens when we reach a Pause & Play question in this gif. Pretty cool, right?


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