Classroom Design And Student Engagement

Classroom Design and Student Engagement

Engaging learning spaces are as much about physical and interior design as it is instructional: one study found that the physical space of schools can positively (or negatively) affect a student’s academic performance by as much as 25% in one school year. Businesses are moving away from the Office Space days of cubicles and fluorescent lighting, opting instead for couches, standing desks, bean bags and other methods of creating comfortable environments. (In fact, I’m writing this sprawled out on a couch tucked away in a cozy corner of Flocab HQ.)  The same should go for classrooms, and yet it has…

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5 Reasons Why Principals Love Flocabulary

5 reasons why principals love Flocabulary

“I never met a kid that didn’t want to read,  Didn’t want to learn, didn’t want to succeed  If we listen close, they’re telling us what they need,  If it’s real and relevant, they’ll follow our lead.”  (by Ike Ramos, Director of District Partnerships at Nearpod, Flocabulary Artist) In most scenarios, we hear from classroom teachers about student expectations around engagement and achievement, but what are school administrators saying?Referencing the lyrics above, imagine being able to leverage the world’s most popular music genre, Hip Hop, to support literacy (read) and academic success (succeed), to address student needs and foster social…

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How To Teach Your Students To Use Flocabulary

How to teach your students to use Flocabulary

Flocabulary is an amazing tool for building community during back to school season, allowing educators to present engaging hip-hop videos to teach academic vocabulary. But don’t hog Flocab for yourself! The new school year is the perfect opportunity to build student choice and voice by helping them learn how to use Flocabulary for student-centered learning. Whether it’s through class discussions in a whole group or having students log in and complete work independently, Flocabulary has hundreds of lessons to keep students engaged, help them connect with characters that represent a diverse student population, and hopefully learn some academic vocabulary along…

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3 Ways To Use Flocabulary For Back To School

3 ways to use Flocabulary for back to school

Back to school is the perfect time to introduce Flocabulary in your classroom. Many teachers spend time at the beginning of the school year building their classroom community and establishing classroom expectations and norms. Why not bring Flocabulary into the mix. Whether using Flocab for whole group activities, providing time for small group conversations, or giving the students a chance to independently explore the website, Flocabulary helps students feel connected to the content while also igniting conversations to help the class get to know each other.   Let’s look at three ways that Flocabulary can play a part in your back…

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