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Will You Be Our Valentine?

It’s February, and you know what that means. Love is in the air — and we are simply twitterpated! We’re smitten with all our favorite songs and videos about l’amour.


The Date, one of our most popular vocabulary songs.

But for students who are down and out due to nobody to go out with, here’s an important reminder: Love isn’t just about romance. We have love for our friends, our families and even our pets! That’s why we’ve curated a special selection of Flocab love songs for every occasion. So no matter what you’re brushing up on in class this February, or celebrating on Valentine’s day, you’re sure to find a Flocabulary song with a lot of heart.

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Songs About Romance

6th Grade Vocabulary: How Else to Be

Breaking up is rough. Soothe your blues with this touching ballad. This song teaches sixth grade vocabulary words. Watch now.

6th Grade Vocabulary: The Date

Dating is tricky. Joe finally asks Lisa out, but he’s in for a surprise… Watch now.

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet – Love Pop

Let lips do what hands do… Revisit this iconic scene in the romantic language of Shakespeare’s iambic pentameter. Watch now.

SAT Vocabulary: Myriad Operations

Wooing ain’t easy! This song teaches SAT vocabulary. Watch now.

Songs About Friendship

The Prince and the Dragon2nd Grade Vocabulary: The Prince and the Dragon

Two lonely souls find each other in this tale of a boy and his dragon. This video teaches second grade vocabulary words. Watch now.

3rd Grade Vocabulary: Aesop’s Fable

Real friends have your back no matter what. This video teaches third grade vocabulary words through the story of Aesop’s Fable. Watch now.

SAT Vocabulary: Friends

Make new friends, but keep the old ones. Some are gilded and some are golden. This video teaches SAT vocabulary words. Watch now.


Songs About Family & Furry Friends

3rd Grade Vocabulary: Biggie

Biggie the cat ran away! Can we find him? This song teaches third grade vocabulary. Watch now.

4th Grade Vocabulary: Manny the Dog

Manny the dog has super dog power like a barking Jack Bauer. This song teaches fourth grade vocabulary. Watch now.

7th Grade Vocabulary: The Pony Gangsta

Sometimes an animal can change our whole outlook — especially if it’s a pony. This song teaches seventh grade vocabulary. Watch now.

8th Grade Vocabulary: Two Bad Cousins

Cousins can be complicated! This song teaches seventh grade vocabulary. Watch now.

Bonus Lesson Plan: Abstract Nouns

Love is the most abstract noun of them all! Use this lesson plan to teach abstract nouns using love songs. Read the blog post here.

Happy Valentine’s!