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"Teach Me How to Study" – YES!!!

For anyone that doesn’t know, there’s a very popular song that’s been out called “Teach Me How To Dougie” by California Swag District. What Mr. Cee and his 8th graders did is “Hip-Hop Classroom” it up, in an incredible way.

Here’s their description. Enough said:
“teAch me how 2 dOugie REMIXED by 8th grAde students @ celerity nascent charter school locAted in tha heart of Los Angeles…

concept.. shOt.. directed.. and cut by their technology teacher, Mr. Cee”

Challenge your kids to remix a popular and current hip-hop song with lyrics praising academic excellence for a fun, powerful project!

Here it is:

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  1. This is FANTASTIC! Perfect timing- I used this today with my 6th grade music students in an urban school in Rochester Ny. We’re working on writing positive raps that have a positive message, and the kids absolutely loved this video. It helped them understand the importance of getting a message across to their audience. Way to go kids- this is fantastic!!

  2. Loved It…. can’t wait to try this program in my classroom next year!,,,,

  3. Awesome work…will definitely use with my ELA classes at an alternative school in CHarleston, SC!! Thanks:)

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