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Shakespeare for Kids

Learning about the Bard doesn’t have to be boring. You’ve seen how Flocabulary can spice up math facts and history stories. Now check out out what we can do with literature! We’ll share six ways to have fun with Shakespeare here, and don’t miss our fifteen different Shakespeare songs to get your kids rocking and learning!

1. True or False?

Test your knowledge of the life of William Shakespeare!

  • Shakespeare lived to be an even 52 years old, since he was born and died on April 23. T/F
  • Some of Shakespeare’s descendants have survived today and are also famous English playwrights. T/F
  • Shakespeare’s grave was cursed by the man himself so that no one would disturb his remains (a common practice used to make room for others). T/F
  • Shakespeare is the number one most quoted writer in the English language. T/F
  • In addition to being an author, Shakespeare also acted in many of his plays, was a businessman and a property owner. T/F

Find the answers and many more fun facts about William Shakespeare here.

2. Act Out a Scene From Your Favorite Play

Do you love a good love story? Or prefer a play full of sword fights, deceit and drama? Maybe a historical reenactment is more your style. Luckily Shakespeare wrote the full gamut of genres.

Pick your favorite play and act out a scene! BONUS: Film your play and send it to Flocabulary! We’d love to share your videos with our community.

3. Try a Shakespearean Insult

Sometimes people can be so annoying! Next time someone upsets you, vent your frustrations with these fun insults:

  • “Go, prick thy face, and over-red thy fear, Thou lily-liver’d boy.” – Macbeth
  • “Thou art like a toad; ugly and venomous.” -As You Like It
  • “You scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian! I’ll tickle your catastrophe!” -Henry IV Part 2
  • “Methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee.” -All’s Well That Ends Well

Generate more insults here.

4. brng shkspr n2 d 21 cntry

Need a translation? Bring Shakespeare into the 21st century! In today’s fast-paced world so many kids use cell phones and instant messaging to communicate. Make the famous playwright’s words super-modern by translating some of his play’s most famous lines into “txt spk.”

Can you tell what this famous line is? ‘bt, sft! wot lIt thru yndr wndo brAkz? Ts d Est, & Juliet iz d sn. ArIs, fair sn, & kil d envios m%n, hu iz alredi sk & pAl w grEf, dat thou hr mAd art fr mo fair thn she.’ If you guessed “But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?” You’d be right!

Try this translator for more 21 cntry fun.

5. Shakespearean Phrases We Still Say

Meeting new people? Break the ice. Got a sniffle and shiver? You’ve probably caught a cold. Friends call you emotional? Maybe you wear your heart on your sleeve. These everyday phrases were actually invented hundreds of years ago by Shakespeare. Isn’t it fun that we still use them today?

Here’s more.

6. What Words Did Shakespeare Invent?

I watched in amazement as Sally bumped her head. She was in a hurry to find her misplaced diary before her suspicious brother found it and threatened her with exposure. Luckily she wasn’t in critical condition, but she did dislocate her shoulder. What an inauspicious start to the day!

Without Shakespeare, my little anecdote would not have been possible. Shakespeare invented all the bold words. Can you believe that he invented over 1,700 words?! Many of which we still use today.

Here’s some more of Shakespeare’s words.

Did you like these activities? There’s more!! Shakespeare’s birthday is coming up this Monday, April 23. Here are some ideas to celebrate Shakespeare’s 448th birthday.

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