Natalie Stuart Mce Of The Month

Meet Our MCE of the Month: Natalie Stuart

What inspired you to go into education?

Natalie: I have always loved working with kids and I have a passion for learning and continuing to grow (as a person) and teaching allows me to infuse those two things!

What kind of educator do you strive to be?

I strive to teach my students to be well rounded individuals in life and society. It is important for them to master the standards and content of the grade level, however, it’s just as important to me to ensure they show good character and treat others with kindness and respect. I also always try to emphasize their strengths over their weaknesses and promote positivity as much as possible.

How do you typically integrate Flocabulary into your curriculum?

I use Flocabulary across all subject areas. I usually use it the first day that I introduce a new concept since it is a great attention grabber for my kids. Once we review the vocabulary cards, we watch the video. On the second through fifth day of teaching a concept, we continue with the other elements the lesson as to offer (Read & Respond, Quiz, Lyric Lab, etc.). I also have the kids pair up or work in groups if the content is on a higher level.

Lyric lab is so awesome! I paired up the kids and they were each given a character trait to rap about. They are so proud of their work so I made a bulletin board out of it!

What is one of the most memorable experiences you’ve had in the classroom while using Flocabulary?

The most memorable experiences for me is when the students relate the content they are learning to a part of a Flocabulary rap lyric. I also love when they are able to explain how they make connections across subject areas with a given topic. For example, during a Week in Rap video, one of my students recently told me the point of view of the rapper in the Week in Rap video because we just watched Point of View!

For teachers who are new to Flocab, what are your tips?

Keep it simple! Flocabulary has so many amazing components and they can be overwhelming at first, but over time it’s easy to get the hang of all that it has to offer. Start off with a video and a Quiz, and try new components as time goes by!

How has Flocabulary impacted your classroom?

Flocabulary has brought joy in learning to my kids on so many levels. My school is a Title I school and we don’t have a music program due to funding. This is a way for students to express themselves and enjoy what music has to offer through the standards. I also love that they are able to express their creativity through Lyric Lab, which they wouldn’t be able to do (musically) otherwise since there are no other opportunities of this kind here.

How has becoming an MCE impacted you?

Being an MCE has allowed me to flourish professionally in so many ways. First off, I love that I get to enjoy music in my classroom almost on a daily basis. I especially love that it is relevant with our society. In addition, I have been able to use Flocabulary as an alternative method to a typical formative assessment and it has really increased understanding and standards mastery consistently, even with my low expectancy students. I also love the MCE community because I am able to connect with other educators.

Alright, time to rhyme -- let’s write a rap (using Lyric Lab, of course). We’ll start... “ MCE of the Month, and this month, it’s me. So let me tell you something about Flocabulary... “ - your turn -

  My name is Ms. Stuart, I teach third grade,

     down in Davie, Florida where we lay in the shade.  

     Nova Eisenhower Elementary is where we learn,

     we use Flocabulary to the point of no return.

     Reading, math, science, you name it,

     There are so many rhymes, their lyrics are lit!

     We love their beats, we learn so much,

     Our grades have soared, they’re the best of the bunch!

Mic drop. Be sure to check out Natalie’s takeover of the Flocabulary Instagram this week!

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