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Flocabulary’s Jazz Age Song

Jazz Age

The 1920s were a fantastic decade of new music, new fashion and new ideas. Learn all about it in Flocabulary’s Jazz Age rap song.

Also known as the Jazz Age, the Roaring Twenties popularized jazz, flapper fashion and new dances like the Charleston, where people moved their whole bodies, not just legs and shoulders. The radio helped spur these musical trends, allowing Americans to enjoy this new style of music without physically visiting a jazz club.

It was not all music and dance, however. The Jazz Age was also the time of Prohibition and organized crime. Many Americans thought that immoral behavior and drinking went hand in hand, which led to the passing of the Eighteenth Amendment. Prohibition did not have the desired effect. Underground speakeasies replaced bars, and bootleggers smuggled in liquor from the West Indies and Canada. Infamous mob boss Al Capone flourished under these conditions, making huge profits off the distribution of illegal alcohol.

By the end of the Jazz Age, America was headed into the Great Depression. As we note in our Jazz Age song,

Twenties came in like a lion;
by the end, that lion was dying,

Nonetheless, the legacy of the Jazz Age lives on. Be sure to think of the Jazz Age next time you start humming a catchy tune or dance with your hips and not just your legs and shoulders!

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