Personalize Learning With Flocabulary's Vocabulary Practice Sets

Personalize Learning with Flocabulary’s Vocabulary Practice Sets

For Back to School 2023, Flocabulary launched powerful analytics to give administrators and teachers insight into students’ vocabulary acquisition. We are now excited to make this data actionable for educators with the release of our new personalized vocabulary practice sets! These practice sets make it easy for teachers to focus their instruction and provide students with the individualized attention they need—with just a few clicks!

*Our new vocabulary reporting and practice features are available to users with a Flocabulary Plus subscription.

Building vocabulary in context through Flocabulary’s lessons

Teachers on Flocabulary school and district licenses can assign lessons to students to complete independently. These lessons include an engaging video and up to six additional interactive activities. Through these activities, students build knowledge of the key vocabulary words from the lesson through repeated exposure and practice opportunities.

Volcanoes video lesson
Volcanoes Vocab Cards
Volcanoes Vocab Game

We know the infusion of vocabulary throughout our activities within all subjects is critical, as students need to know the meanings of 90-95% of words in a text to comprehend it, and vocabulary is an especially strong predictor of comprehension of informational text. (Nagy & Scott, 2000; Yildirim, Yildiz & Ates, 2011). By completing lesson assignments, students gain multiple exposures to vocabulary words as well as targeted practice opportunities. Based on their scores on these practice items, we derive students’ proficiency in vocabulary within each subject area. We surface this data for teachers on our new vocabulary analytics dashboards.

Vocab Analytics dashboard class overview by subjects and students

Facilitating data-driven instruction

Teachers can now take direct action to improve students’ vocabulary based on this data with the release of our new personalized vocabulary practice sets. After analyzing the data and determining which subject they’d like to assign practice for, teachers can click “Assign Vocab Practice” within a class or from their analytics dashboard. This will send out a personalized practice set to each student with up to 10 words from the selected subject. Which 10 words? Each student will receive a unique list based on their individual proficiency levels and what they most need to practice!

Vocab Analytics Science vocabulary by students
Science Vocab Practice assignment set up

To determine which words are included in each student’s set, we start with their lowest-proficiency words from that subject and prioritize those last practiced longer ago, to ensure that students get the opportunity to improve their scores on all the words they have encountered. We also include a few words that the student has already scored highly on in each set, to cement their place in students’ long-term memory and for a confidence boost!

Each student receives study materials for the words in their set: Vocab Flashcards that enable them to review the word meanings, and the videos in which they encountered the words to see them used in context.

Then, in the personalized Vocab Game, students answer two more questions about each word for the opportunity to improve their proficiency scores. Teachers can leverage this feature to cater instruction and practice to each student’s needs and give each student the best opportunity to boost their proficiency—without creating any custom content.

Science Vocabulary Practice Flashcards
Science Vocabulary Practice Videos
Science Vocabulary Practice Vocab Game

From their analytics dashboard, teachers can also assess each student’s proficiency within each subject in detail and easily assign a practice set to a single student for remediation or enrichment.

Student vocabulary analytics for subjects

Once students complete vocabulary practice assignments, teachers can review the results, assessing how much students engaged with the study materials and how they performed on their personalized Vocab Game. Also, performance on the Vocab Game will impact students’ proficiency in the selected subject area, which will be reflected on the teacher’s analytics dashboard!

Social Studies Vocab Practice assignments

And performance on the Vocab Game will impact students’ proficiency in the selected subject area, which will be reflected on the teacher’s analytics dashboard!

Personalize instruction with Flocabulary

Our personalized vocabulary practice sets provide a powerful tool to individualize instruction. Interested in further personalizing your instruction with Flocabulary? Teachers can assign different lessons to different students within a class, or different activities within the same lesson, based on unique needs or interests. For example, Lyric Lab, where students can show mastery of a topic and express themselves creatively by writing their own raps, is a great enrichment or extension activity—while also including step-by-step scaffolds for beginning writers!

Gravity Lyric Lab

With Flocabulary Mix, teachers can build critical comprehension skills, like finding the main idea or identifying an author’s purpose, by pairing short instructional Skill videos with a diverse library of fiction and nonfiction Video Texts (stories and narratives told through song). Pair the same Skill with different Texts based on student interest, or use a common Text to teach different Skills to different groups of students.

Flocabulary Mix skill video
Flocabulary Mix text video

And with our library of Nearpod Originals, a new type of video-based lesson available in Flocabulary, teachers have options for engaging students with different strengths and interests. Like regular Flocabulary videos, Nearpod Originals make learning relevant, accessible and memorable. Traditional Flocabulary videos use hip-hop music to do this, while Nearpod Originals instead tap into the power of relatable hosts, humor, and storytelling. Each Nearpod Original has a companion Flocabulary lesson linked from its lesson page so that you can use each with different groups of students based on interests and learning style, or use both with your whole class to provide variety and extra vocabulary exposure throughout a unit.

U.S. History Nearpod Originals Flocab video lessons
The Oregon Trail Flocabulary base and Nearpod Original video lessons

*Flocabulary Mix and Nearpod Originals are available with a  Flocabulary Plus subscription.

Start using Flocabulary Plus

Flocabulary accelerates learning through rigorous and authentically engaging instructional experiences that aim to reach every learner. We’re excited to see how you use our new personalized vocabulary practice sets to build vocabulary and comprehension across the curriculum!

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