Culturally Relevant Teaching

Learn About Culturally Responsive Teaching from These 19 Educators

Culturally responsive teaching (sometimes called culturally relevant teaching), or CRT, is a pedagogy and process focused on teaching with a cross-cultural or multicultural framework. Culture influences how we learn, and creating an environment that recognizes the importance each student’s culture, embraces new perspectives, encourages acceptance, and empowers student voice gives children ownership of—and a deeper investment in—their learning.

Twitter is a great place to start if you’re looking to learn more about CRT from other educators. It’s a wildly popular platform for teachers, administrators, non-profits and education organizations to communicate, collaborate, learn and grow. Learn more about CRT from these 19 educators and organizations on Twitter today.

Michelle Williams


Teacher and creator of IgniteED.  Texas.

Janice Chisholm


Elementary School Teacher from Toronto, Ontario.

Dr. Kim Case


Professor of Psychology from Houston, Texas.

Zaretta Hammond


Educator, Literacy Advocate and writer from Berkeley, CA.

Sonia Nieto


Teacher, teacher educator, researcher, and writer from Amherst, MA.

Shervette Miller


Teacher from Atlanta, GA.

Andrea Davis


Teaching and Learning Consultant from West Chester, OH.



 Research-based curriculum and strategies for students that develop critical thinking

Bobby Hobgood


Learner and culturally relevant educator from Charlotte, NC.

Glenda Harrell


ESL Director from Cary, NC.

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Wendy Mackey


Educational Leader and researcher with a culturally relevant approach from Nova Scotia, Canada.

Lou Matthews


STEM & Equity advocate and founder of Inspire Math from Washington, DC.

Learning Exchange


Dr. Rema


Teacher, writer and consultant to educators from Detroit, MI.

Ken Patterson


Culturally responsive teacher from Baltimore, MD.

Casey Hall


Fine arts support teacher and music specialist from Atlanta, GA.

Matthew Lynch


Editor of The Edvocate and blogger.

Karla Vigil


Education innovator and co-founder of EduLeaders of Color RI from Providence, RI.