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Celebrating Librarians

Flocab had a great time last week meeting librarians at this year’s Texas Library Association (TLA) conference. We learned a lot about the many duties of library media specialists! We want to celebrate their hard work, so we’re writing a new song all about what they do. But for now, we’ll let librarian Amy Fuller of Chapa Middle School (TX) explain what librarians do (and don’t do!), in her own words:

We recommend the perfect book for any and every reader.
We facilitate book clubs.
We give book talks.
We host author visits.
We teach research skills.
We assist students with their Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Movie Maker projects, blogs, wikis, webpages, etc.
We co-teach lessons in every discipline.
We troubleshoot computer issues.
We create lifelong learners and readers.
We inspire curiosity and creativity.
We LOVE having students in the library!
We LOVE our job!

We DON’T shush.
We DON’T wear our hair in buns.
We DON’T frown and look down at kids over our horn-rimmed glasses.

Are you a librarian or library media specialist? What special things do YOU do for your students? Share in the comments below!

children’s books by BlakeSchool, available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic license.