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10 New Flocabulary Videos!

…and even more coming very soon!


One of our new videos, Dracula Junior.

We’re continuing to add videos to all of your favorite Flocabulary songs, which means several new Word Up videos, plus videos in Addition and Subtraction and Language Arts. This week we have ten new videos to show you, as well as many more in the works that will be coming soon.

These new videos are in vocabulary, language arts, and math. If you’d like to watch all of them, make sure to sign up for a free two-week trial to Flocabulary.

New Videos


3rd Grade Vocabulary: Biggie
Biggie is an enormous cat who has a habit for getting lost. Watch now.




4th Grade Vocabulary: I Keep My Head Up
Race along with this song as you learn ten new fourth grade vocabulary words. Watch now.




5th Grade Vocabulary: Kat and Mouse
The Internet is a wonderful thing, but too much of it can be bad for your health. Learn ten new fifth grade vocabulary words as you hear the story of Katherine, a girl who spent too much time online. Watch now.



5th Grade Vocabulary: Dracula Junior
You’ve all heard of Dracula, but what about Dracula Junior? This video will tell you all about him, as well as teaching ten new fifth grade vocabulary words. Watch now.



5th Grade Vocabulary: The Misunderstanding
When life brings you something unexpected, you might panic – or you can roll with it and see what happens. Find out what happened to B on his trip to Burger Queen as you learn ten new fifth grade vocabulary words. Watch now.


6th Grade Vocabulary: Mandela is Free
This video introduces students to fifteen new sixth grade vocabulary words as it educates on the life of Nelson Mandela, who fought against Apartheid in South Africa. Watch now.



7th Grade Vocabulary: They Look Like Us
Watch this video to learn fifteen new seventh grade vocabulary words and find out what happens when a normal day goes out of this world. Watch now.



8th Grade Vocabulary: It’s Alright
Learn fifteen new eighth grade vocabulary words as you hear the story of Nydia Velázquez, who went from a small town in Puerto Rico to the United States Congress. Watch now.



Reading and Writing Strategies

Figurative Language
Learn figurative language terms with Will, a rapper who incorporates them into his rhymes. Watch now.





I Want 13 and 14
Teach or review adding and subtracting thirteen and fourteen with the help of some arctic friends. Watch now.




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