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16 New Flocabulary Videos

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One of our new videos, Place Value.

Rumpelstiltskin turned straw into gold. We’re turning songs into videos. Why? Well we’ve been listening to you, and know that videos only help to make our songs more engaging, fun and useful. So with an awesome team of hardworking animators–and a little bit of good old fairy tale magic– we’re making it happen.

This month’s new videos span all subjects, from civics to vocabulary to a whole lot of division and middle school math. If you’d like to watch all these new videos, sign up for a free two-week trial to Flocabulary.

New Videos


3rd Grade Vocabulary: I Got the Flu
Find out what happened when our rapper got the flu last week, and learn ten new third grade vocabulary words. Watch now.




5th Grade Vocabulary: Water Balloon Fight
Learn ten new fifth grade vocabulary words as you listen to the story of a water balloon fight on a hot summer day. Watch now.




Cooking with Nouns
Learn all about nouns with Chef Shelly. She’s a chef who only cooks with nouns! Watch now.




What They Do
A subject does the action of a sentence, and a predicate is what the subject does. Watch this video to learn how to identify subjects and predicates in sentences. Watch now.




Presidential Election Process
This video shows the process of running for President, including candidates from the past and present. Learn just what it takes to run for the highest office. Watch now.




Political Parties
Learn all about the political parties in the United States. This video introduces the major parties and gives some of their history and their stances on various issues. Watch now.





Oh, Zero!
Watch this video to practice adding and subtracting zero. Watch now.




Play Games with Four
This video introduces students to dividing by four. Watch now.




Good with 5s and 10s
Math problems that divide by five and ten are no problem at all once you’ve watched this video. Watch now.




Gimme 6
This video offers a catchy primer on dividing by six. Watch now.




I Know My 8s
This video helps students understand how to divide by eight. Once you’ve watched it, you’ll know your eights too. Watch now.




Ninety-nine Rhymes
Use this video to learn or practice dividing by nine. Watch now.




Review Dividing by 0-10
This challenge raps gives students a chance to show off what they know. Can you keep up? Watch now.




Place Value
This video teaches students about place value and what terms like ‘tens place’ and ‘hundreds place’ mean. Watch now.




Prisms: Area and Volume
Math can come in handy in ways you’d never expect. In this video, our protagonist must use his knowledge of prisms to find a way out of unjust imprisonment. Watch now.




It may not be possible to tell the future, but you can use probability to make educated guesses about what will happen. This video introduces students to odds and probability. Watch now.

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