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Character Education Videos: Honesty & Trust

It’s not always easy to tell the truth. It’s also not always easy to trust others. Yet honesty and trustworthiness are vital skills in building healthy relationships.

The following Flocabulary songs are about the importance of honesty and trust. Below the videos, you’ll find questions you can use to facilitate a discussion about these important skills. And Flocabulary has many more songs and videos to teach Character Education.

Songs About Honesty & Trust


Just a Rumor2nd Grade: “Just a Rumor”

This song can be used to teach about how a made-up story can quickly become a rumor. Ask: What are some rumors that were spread in this song? Why shouldn’t you spread rumors? How might rumors hurt somebody’s feelings? Watch now.


The Party7th Grade: “The Party”

This is the story of Wenda, who makes a small mistake and soon finds herself in a tricky situation. Ask: What mistake does Wenda make? Why did things get so out of hand? What can we learn from Wenda’s story? Watch now.


Questions for Discussion

  • Were the characters in the songs trustworthy? How were they honest? How were they dishonest?
  • What are some reasons we lie?
  • How do our actions and words affect whether or not someone trusts us?
  • How do you decide if someone is trustworthy? Compare and contrast the behavior of someone who is trustworthy with someone who isn’t.
  • Why is it important to build trust?

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  1. I have people that I trust and their’s people that I don’t trust. If I can trust somebody than it would be my friends and some of my family. It is hard to trust somebody if they have lied to alot of times and easier to trust if they haven’t lied to you. How do you know if somebody lies to you? If they tell you a diffrent story each time and I have had alot of people that lied to me and I don’t really like liers that much. My family and friends have lies to me so I don’t believe people that much but if you don’t want to be lied to than don’t lie to people. Let other people know that they can trust you and let them know that they dont have to lie to you because they you won’t lie to them.

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