Test Prep Activities And Lesson Plans With Flocabulary

Test Prep Activities & Lesson Plans from Flocabulary

Post Series: Flocabulary and Test Prep

We recently shared tips and strategies for using Flocabulary for test prep brain breaks. While Flocab is flexible enough to use in short spurts for a breather between prep, many of our features support rigorous test prep, too.

Use Pause & Play and Read & Respond to Prep for Standardized Writing

High-stakes writing exams typically include a combination of reading passages and writing prompts. Flocabulary has a few ways to help prepare your students for these tests:

Pause & Play

Use Pause & Play prompts as short writing assignments for students to write in response to a text. Pause & Play is available on select units, and you can find a full list of units with Pause & Play here.

Read & Respond

Read & Respond was developed to emulate high stakes tests, and can serve as a useful tool to build “reading stamina” in your students. Find a unit with Read & Respond, assign it to your students and have them practice reading shorter texts in preparation for lengthier ones on upcoming tests.

Who Doesn't Love a Printable Activity?

Flocabulary has printable activities available on every unit. From quick skill review worksheets, to more interactive and creative activities, these are a great way to circle back and review topics across subjects in anticipation of testing season. Access these free resources from any unit page using the left-hand navigation:

Don’t forget about dozens of lesson plans, too! Give our Flocab, Month-by-Month page a read to find some of our seasonal favorites (Looking to weave math and literacy instruction together? Our “Everybody’s Got (Word) Problems” is a test prep fave.)

Watch These Test Prep Classics

Of course, we would be remiss not to include some Flocab test prep classics, “Test-Taking Vocabulary” and “Test-Taking Strategies.” The printable activities are, of course, a great way to support the skills taught in the videos. Check ’em out:

Test Taking Vocabulary Lesson Plan - Flocabulary
Test Taking Strategies Unit - Flocabulary

So what are you waiting for? Try these strategies with your students today, and let us know how it plays out! Leave a comment here or shoot us a message on Twitter.

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