Product Update: Discuss Mode Is Here!

Product Update: Discuss Mode is here!

Post Series: New Features for Back-to-School 2016

We’re excited to announce a new teaching tool, Discuss Mode, which launched with our April 15 Week in Rap video last Friday.

What is Discuss Mode?

With Discuss Mode, prompts and questions appear at specific points during the video to facilitate further discussion and exploration of the content. Challenge your students to dive deeper and think critically with this new feature.

Orange markers along the playback bar indicate where prompts will appear. When the video hits a Discuss Mode prompt, it will appear like magic and the video will—you guessed it!—automatically pause.

Watch what happens when we reach a Discuss Mode question in this gif. Pretty cool, right?

By default, Discuss Mode is switched to “off.” To enable it, simply click the Discuss Mode toggle underneath the video:

How do I useDiscuss Mode in the classroom?

We can’t wait to see how teachers begin usingDiscuss Mode in the classroom. It’s a flexible tool that can be used in various instructional capacities, including:

  • Whole class discussions
  • Small group discussions
  • Turn and talk activities
  • Writing prompts

Our recommended approach is to watch the video, and then re-watch with Discuss Mode enabled. (The mode can be toggled during playback, too.)

Which Flocabulary units have Discuss Mode enabled?

Discuss Mode will be available on all future Week in Rap videos, and we’ll gradually add the mode to additional units every week.

As always, we value your feedback and want to know what you think about updates to Flocab. Please consider taking our Discuss Mode survey, which is also accessible right from the unit page.

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