New Unit Page 2

Updates to Flocabulary’s Unit Page

If you’ve used Flocabulary over the past couple of days, you may have noticed something different about its appearance. We recently launched a new design for our unit page to improve navigation and your overall experience using Flocabulary.

Our corresponding activities, which once lived perched atop our videos, have migrated to the left-hand side—it’s the same great Flocab content you’ve grown to love, just in a new location.

Here’s how the new navigation works:

Why change the navigation?

Good question. In addition to following best practices for usability and design, we updated our unit pages because:

  1. The new design leaves room for us to easily add new features along the left (more on that in a future post!). Adding additional elements to a horizontal navigation can get real cramped, real quick. Moving to a vertical design helps us plan better for Flocab’s future.
  2. For teachers, the new navigation makes seeing and previewing our printable activities easier. Everything you need to teach a Flocabulary unit is streamlined in one place.
  3. Students can now more easily discover activities, encouraging them to dive deeper into Flocabulary.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on our new design. Leave a note in the comments or shoot us an email.

We’ve got even more Flocab news coming your way shortly. Stay tuned!