New student assessment features and reporting tools for teachers are here!

Last week, we rolled out some brand new features on our site. We’re really excited about how these updates will not only help teachers to check student comprehension but also to use Flocabulary for planning, differentiation and intervention in the classroom. Our new online assessments offer students a more interactive experience, allowing them to demonstrate what they learned from our videos and activities. And with these student features, we’ve created some great new assigning and reporting tools for teachers, too!

Explore our new features and what they’ll bring to your classroom below:

Check comprehension with a quiz
Now, in addition to the videos and activities you see in all of our instructional units, you’ll also find online, auto-graded formative assessments for students. See how the quiz fits into our updated recommended lesson sequence by checking out the new video on our Lesson Resources page.

New quiz feature for students

New quiz feature for students







Assign a unit
We’ve updated our our teacher dashboard, so educators can now set up classes or student groups on their Flocabulary accounts. Teachers can quickly and easily assign units directly to students, notifying the group about work to complete when they login to our site. Assign a unit to the whole class for homework or as an in-class activity, or create groups to support differentiated instruction – the assignment feature creates more options for integrating Flocabulary in the classroom seamlessly.

My Classes in teacher dashboard

My Classes in teacher dashboard







Use reporting tools for planning
Our new teacher dashboard includes several handy reports to check in on assignment progress and view students’ quiz performance (see more about the reporting tools here). Teachers can scroll through their class list to check out individual student scores or use the Comprehension Analysis grid to see how the group performed as a whole. Whether identifying trends in student understanding or pinpointing areas for reteaching or independent practice, use these tools to make more data-informed decisions for planning instruction. And with individual student logins, assignment notifications and quizzes to complete right on our site, the updates make Flocabulary an even better blended learning tool for students.

Comprehension Analysis grid of quiz results in teacher dashboard

Comprehension Analysis grid of quiz results in teacher dashboard












Our assessment and reporting features are available for school-wide and district subscriptions. Have a school subscription and want student assessments enabled? Get in touch with us! Have questions about how the assessments or new teacher tools work? Check out our FAQ page. Have a school-wide subscription, but don’t want to use the new features? Don’t worry – we still have our shared student logins available for schools that prefer to implement Flocabulary that way.

To support this roll out of student-facing features, we’ve updated our privacy policy and signed the Student Privacy Pledge. Check out our new privacy policy here.

Molly Cronin

Molly's love of education began when she landed her first job at age 17 as a preschool teacher's aide, where she changed countless diapers and led groups of toddlers in many a nursery rhyme. She studied communications, marketing, and education at Cornell University, where she wrote articles for university publications, co-hosted a radio show and led PR for a children's advocacy organization. After a stint in the crazy world of agency PR, she now blends her background in communications and her passion for education in her sales and partnership work at Flocabulary. When she's off Flocab duty, she can be found scouring food blogs and old cookbooks or traipsing around Alphabet City.

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