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Press Release: Flocabulary Debuts Student Assessments and Reporting Tools for Back to School

Brooklyn, N.Y., July 21, 2015 Today Flocabulary announced the launch of a new suite of features to help teachers, schools and districts assess student knowledge and diagnose needs for differentiation and intervention. In addition to the educational hip-hop videos and interactive activities Flocabulary is known for, each instructional unit now features an auto-graded formative assessment for students. Updated features include a new dashboard for teachers to assign units and analyze student results to inform their instruction.

“Teachers have enjoyed using Flocabulary’s videos and activities to engage students and supplement instruction across the curriculum,” says Flocabulary co-founder and CEO Alex Rappaport. “Our goal with these new features is to allow our customers to use the platform to not only demonstrate student achievement but also to diagnose knowledge gaps and differentiate instruction.”

Using the program’s new features, teachers will have the ability to create classes or student groups on their user dashboards and assign Flocabulary instructional units to students directly. The dashboard features a series of reports that allow teachers to review quiz results at the individual student level and at the classroom level, and make data-informed decisions about planning further instruction. The assessment and reporting features are available to all schools and districts that subscribe to Flocabulary’s online program.

Teacher Assignment Dashboard

Assignments overview in teacher dashboard

Comprehension Analysis grid in the teacher dashboard.

Comprehension Analysis grid in teacher dashboard


















“The enhanced teacher dashboard affords teachers the ability to not only differentiate their instruction, but also to better monitor student progress,” said Carl Bucciantini, Technology Integrator at Auburn School Department in Auburn, Maine. “With the increased reliance on data being used to inform instruction, these tools are a great addition to any teacher’s toolbox.”

To support this roll out of student-facing features, Flocabulary has updated its privacy policy and signed the Student Privacy Pledge, introduced by The Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) and The Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA).

“With more data in our system to drive student results reporting, we wanted to be on the forefront of student privacy and security,” says Flocabulary Product Director Aliza Aufrichtig. “Flocabulary has set the bar for engaging curricular content and now we’re in a position to lead the industry in the right direction when it comes to respecting the sanctity of student data.”

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