Flocabulary Month-by-month: May

Flocabulary month-by-month: May

We know May can be one of the most difficult months of the year to keep students engaged with summer just around the corner. Try a few of these Flocabulary lessons this month to save time on planning and keep students thinking about new concepts, reviewing things they already learned or mastering vocabulary. Celebrate Memorial Day Celebrate Memorial Day and learn the history of the holiday with Flocabulary's Memorial Day lesson with a hip-hop video and supplemental vocabulary activities to deepen vocabulary knowledge. Students will learn about Memorial Day traditions and symbols and ways to honor fallen soldiers. They'll also…

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8 Ways To Use Flocabulary To Make Learning Fun And Impactful

8 ways to use Flocabulary to make learning fun and impactful

I am a firm believer that children are most successful when they have smiles on their faces and are given the opportunity to have a voice. In order for meaningful learning to occur, engagement must exist first. Anyone can stand at the front of a classroom and deliver content; many educators may be able to produce academic results by doing just that. However, in order to have a lasting impact, I feel that it is absolutely necessary to focus on relationships and provide opportunities to engage in exciting, culturally-relevant learning activities. Forming intentional relationships also helps to create a positive…

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10 Summer Activity Ideas With Flocabulary

10 summer activity ideas with Flocabulary

School’s almost out. We helped you engage your students during the school year, and now we’re here to help your students fight the summer slump with these summer activities. You can assign these activities alongside summer reading, or simply allow your students to choose one or two fun options from the list. Read on to learn more about assignment suggestions, from a summer vocabulary goal to a Week in Rap log. 1. Create your own week in rap Create your own Week in Rap songs throughout summer by reading about current events, reflecting on them, deciding which ones are newsworthy…

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Social And Emotional Learning Overview

Social and emotional learning overview

There’s been a lot of talk about social and emotional learning (SEL) in the education space in recent years. Looking for an intro to SEL and what it means for teachers and students? We’ve got you covered. What is taught in social and emotional learning Social and emotional learning goes beyond academics by fostering empathy, building and maintaining positive relationships, and making responsible decisions. Major goals of social and emotional learning are to teach students: Self-awareness: Having a clear perception of your personality, thus allowing you to understand other people, and how they perceive youSelf-management: Taking responsibility for one’s actionsSocial…

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