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Teachers, you know your students best. That’s why we created these rich and flexible lesson ideas that can be adapted for different ages and abilities.

Tackle Vocabulary and Writing at the Same Time

Each of our Word Up songs tells a story. Why not combine a Word Up story with one of our reading and writing units? Have students examine a Word Up story from different angles, such as:

Here are some pairings we suggest, but we encourage you to adapt these ideas for your students’ needs! Let us know how you combined units in the comments section below.

Grade Vocab Song Activity Suggestion ELA Skill
2nd “Stranded!” Tell the story from Leila’s point of view Point of View
Map or outline the story’s plot elements Plot Elements
Identify the story’s main idea Main Idea
5th “Water Balloon Fight” Tell the story from D’s point of view Point of View
Rewrite the story using at least 8 transition words Transition Words
Identify uses of metaphor in the song lyrics Figurative Language
8th “It’s Alright” Create an outline for a speech for the congresswoman POWER to Write
Use persuasive language in writing the speech Persuasive Language
Present the speech to the class Public Speaking
12th (SAT) “Friends” Tell the story from Brandon or the girlfriend’s point of view Point of View
Incorporate descriptive language for all five senses Descriptive Language

Identify uses of consonance and assonance in the song lyrics

Figurative Language