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Top 10 Flocabulary videos for your summer playlist

If the summer slide was a dance move like the electric— the world would be in a better place! Unfortunately, the summer slide occurs when students fail to practice the skills they learned during the school year over their summer vacation. The result most often leads to them returning to school the following year at a lower academic performance level than they were before summer began.

To help prevent the summer slide from happening Flocabulary has put together some essential tunes that your students can play all summer to help them remember key concepts while jamming out to the music. 

Below are two playlists, one for elementary and one for secondary, that students are sure to love. The songs hit on key learning objectives for both groups while also exploring the human skills surrounding social and emotional learning that can help make their educational journey even better!

Elementary summer playlist

  1. Social and emotional learning: Managing Worry
  2. Language arts: Fairy Tales
  3. Math: Add & Subtract 10
  4. Science: Fossils
  5. Social studies: Memorial Day
  6. Social studies: Juneteenth
  7. Health and Wellness: Wash Your Hands
  8. Vocabulary: The Four Seasons
  9. Vocabulary: Have Compassion
  10. Bonus Track: Week in Rap Junior

Secondary summer playlist

  1. Social and Emotional Learning: Mindfulness & Meditation
  2. Language Arts: Allusions
  3. Math: Math Terms
  4. Science: Mixtures & Compounds
  5. Social Studies: Memorial Day
  6. Social Studies: Juneteenth
  7. Health and Wellness: Wash Your Hands
  8. Vocabulary: Big Up Yourself
  9. Vocabulary: Pop, Crackle, and Snap
  10. Bonus Track: Week in Rap

Using Week in Rap & Week in Rap Junior as bonus tracks

Students can listen to the last Week in Rap video for the end of the past school year to catch up on current events. They should be ready to follow up for the first new Week in Rap kicking off a new school year in August. Teachers can use these current event topics to engage students in conversations about how much changed in the world over the summer and what current events might still be ongoing.

Mervin Jenkins

Dr. Mervin Jenkins, also known as Spectac, is a lifelong educator. For almost three decades, he has served as a teacher, school administrator, assistant director with a national nonprofit, and a manager in EdTech. Dr. Jenkins has managed to merge his passion for Hip-Hop and education and create a purpose for learning through its use.