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Student Portmanteaus

Every week we have a new Week in Rap Shout Out Contest and give a shout-out to the winner on Friday. For this week’s contest, we asked you to concoct a portmanteau, combining the sounds and meanings of two words. Flocabulary is a portmanteau, in fact. And you all really wowed us with your creativity this week – we received hundreds of inventive entries. Narrowing it down to just one winner was difficult work! In the end, the win goes to Andrew Carnegie Elementary School in Chicago, Illinois. They came up with the following portmanteaus:

  • Lucrinite – Lucrative + Infinite – Infinite Wealth.
  • Benantics – Benign + Antics – Harmless pranks.
  • Beccord – Benign + Accord – Harmless agreement.
  • Boccord— Bountiful + Accord – Plentiful agreement.
  • Componanza—Component & Bonanza – Rich harvest of parts.
  • Serentiful – Serenity + bountiful – Plenty of serenity.
  • Transerene – Transition + Serene – Serenity in transition.
  • Denigma – Deceptive + enigma – Deceptive mystery.
  • Succumsition – Succumb transition – Transitional surrender.
  • Infiception – Infinite + Deception – Endless deception.
  • Infinanza – Infinite + Bonanza – Endless good fortune.
  • Componigma – Component + Enigma – Part of a riddle.
  • Lucrasition – Lucrative + transition – Wealthy transition.
  • Deceptinomenon – Deceptive + phenomenon – Deceptive Occurrence
  • Decepticept – Deceptive + concept – Deceptive concept.

Congratulations, Andrew Carnegie Elementary School! Wonderful work.

As always, we wish it were possible to pick more than one winner. Here are some of our other favorites of the week:

  • sprainbow = sparkles + rainbow (John Glenn Elementary)
  • snaps – small + naps (Heathrow Elementary)
  • glamping (glamorous camping) (Point Pleasant Borough High School)
  • You and Me= yome (pronounces like homie) (Boiling Springs Middle School)
  • vurp – a combination of vomit and burp (MLK Academy)
  • Effort/responsibility – effensibility (Hogsett Elementary)
  • pendistory-pending history (news that could turn into history) (Aki Kurose Middle School)
  • Fularius – not just funny but hilarious (Goddard Junior High)
  • Both the sun and moon are visible=smoon (Gardena High School)
  • Frandle- fragrant candle (Carmel Middle School)
  • “creatique” create + unique: Create something unique. (Stephen Decatur Middle School)
  • “awesomary” = awesome + legendary (Seminole Middle School)
  • Amazing+Fantastic+Fabulous+Wonderful+Incredible+Awesome=Amaztasticfabufulblesome (Thornton Academy)

Thank you all for all of your amazing entries! And don’t forget to enter our next Shout Out Contest for a chance to win a shout out for your school in next Friday’s Week in Rap.